Crystal Mini eGo Starter Kit with Replaceable Clearomizer $26.9

Health Cabin is introducing the smallest eGo starter kit containing popular 510 mini eGo battery and bestselling eGo replaceable clearomizer V3 (CE5) and extra coil heads in different resistances. So you can have different vaping experience according to the different resistance.

The mini eGo battery becomes popular because of its mini size, big capacity and stable voltage 3.7v. The battery button has a 5-click On/Off lock.

The replaceable clearomizer biggest advantage is its detachable tube and coil head. If a clearomizer does not work well, you do not need to throw away the whole vision clearomizer. Just replace a coil or a tube. The clearomizer will work like a new one.

If you are looking for ecigarette kits with bigger batteries, Health Cabin carries eGo K Vision Compact Kit V2 for your choice.