Elife Starter Kit with Replaceable Heating Core $35.00

Health Cabin is proud to recommend Elife ecigarette because Elife tank atomizer has a replaceable heating core.

When an Elife atomizer die, you can revive the atomizer easily by replacing a new core.

Each atomizer has the same replaceable fibre wick as Imist Atomizer does, which forward ejuice from tank cartridge to heating core. The fibre wick can be replaced easily too.

With the unique structure, the atomizer can produce cleaner taste and have a longer lifespan with easy good maintenance at smallest expense.

Elife battery can reach 4.2v when the battery is fully charged. The battery's button has a 5-click On/Off lock the same as Imist 650mah Battery. Please press the button 5 clicks within 2 seconds and activate the battery.

The battery has over charging protection. A fully charged battery can support 900 puffs.

Elife atomizers use the same tank cartridges as Imist atomizers use. Each 3pc empty cartridges come in a special cartridge box. The box is specially designed to carry prefilled cartridges with no leakage.

Each Kit contains:
1pc Elife Atomizer with a white tank cartridge attached
1pc Elife Manual battery
1pc Elife empty cartridge case
3pc Empty white tank cartridges for Imist & Elife atomizer in a special cartridge box
1pc Elife 420mah USB charger