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    Win Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega, experience the innovative EUC Coil Tech

    Many of our vapers in this community start to concern about the cost on vaping after they switch to vaping successfully, thatís part of the reason why some vapers start to learn build coils. Now Vaporesso comes up a new idea, adopts a new concept on its new tank-Vaporesso Estoc, saving you much money, time and effort, while bringing same fantastic vaping experience as RTAs/RDAs. Sounds intriguing? Well, Heaven Gifts now gives you chances to win and experience this amazing tank and tech.

    Reply to any of the rules below to enter:

    1. What do you think of this EUC tech
    2. How often do you change one pre-made coil and how much does it cost you
    3. Which metal sleeve you are expecting Vaporesso to manufacture
    4. How much do you cost on vaping per month
    5. Subscribe to our Heaven Gifts forum (We have a gif below to show you how to subscribe)
    6. Invite at least 3 forum members to enter
    7. Share our Vaporesso Estoc Tank on any of your social media (Simply click any of the links below and let us know which social media did you share with ):

    - Facebook
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    1. The contest starts from Sept 20 to October 11
    2. The prizes are Vaporesso Estoc Tanks
    3. The maximum number of prizes is 3
    4. Every time we get 90 entries, we give away 1 prizes till all of them run out
    5. Every participant can enter the official contest for 3 times
    6. We use to select winners
    7. Please do not copy and paste your previous entries as new entries, we need original entries

    ----------------------------------How to subscribe to Heaven Gifts forum--------------------------------

    ---------------------------------------About Vaporesso Estoc Tank-----------------------------------------

    Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega is totally different from the traditional vape atomizers in the market. It uses an innovative premade coil, called as EUC (ECO Universal Coil), which is specially engineered to keep the sleeve while just replace the EUC in a convenient way instead of changing the complete coil. That means you only need to change the minimal part that is with heating elements while maintaining the metal sleeve at a reasonable cost and avoid any waste. What's more, the EUC is highly compatible with a metal sleeve option available, fitting into the mainstream atomizers in the market. It will deliver cloud-sized vapor with the purest flavor of your favorite juice.

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    Bump! Guys!!!Where are you people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heaven Gifts View Post

    [COLOR=#0000ff][B]Reply to any of the rules below to enter How much do you cost on vaping per month
    Thanks HG.
    I used to budget $250 month on cigs so I was happy to set my vape budget at $100 month. Shinyitis says no way! Since diy and building my own coils I'm easily compensating for my early expenses.

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    I change my premade coils about every 3 to 4 days and they cost me 3$ each. I have spent about 500$ this month on set up

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    i was changing my joyetec pre made coils about every 5-7 days
    now i do a rebuild on the rba about every week .

    My total cost per week went from $280pw while smoking down
    to about $10 pw now by rebuilding my coils and DIY juice.

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    Where am i?
    Im rebuilding my RBA tank
    I dont use prebuilt coils, i'd be broke after 18 months of buying them
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    Question 2: How often do you change one pre-made coil and how much does it cost you

    My tanks with premade coils last for about 3 weeks of regular use and cost me about $2 per coil.

    It's the battery mods and new atomisers that cost me more money.....

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    I use vaporesso cCell coils which last me about 6 weeks and cost around $2 each but have 4 different tanks running at any time



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