As a vape enthusiast, all we want is not only a practical vaping tool but also a unique gear that can make us stand out in the community. From design, material to subtle features, anything special will add a certain personality to our device. Arctic Dolphin, this emerging brand, seems understand this perfectly. After releasing their first luxury ADT-80TC Adonis mod that adopts stabilized wood facade design, now they applied such design to one important part of atomizer - mouthpiece.

Simply put, every Arctic Dolphin Stabilized Wood Mouthpiece is unique in pattern color, whichi is definitely a cool thing for those who like to be different. It will suit most atomizers which have standard 510 thread. Its wide bore ensures optimal airflow and easy refills. The dual o-rings at the base of the mouthpiece provide a highly secure fit. The stabilized wood material make it more durable and heat resistant. A good & suitable mouthpiece will greatly improve your vaping experience. The Arctic Dolphin Stabilized Wood Mouthpiece is not only such a quality product but also giving you a focal point to your device.

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