After the community renowned OBS Engine RTA, now OBS releases 2 subtanks (SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank) for those who were not into coil building! New SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank inherit the Engine RTA’s DNA, keep the side filling and top airflow features, which is easy to fill and a leakage proof.

Many of you might know that Engine RTA has a very large deck, 17mm in diameter. Well SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank have the same sized pre-made coil. While the coil itself has a 2 big draining juice hole to saturate the wick. Don’t be worry about flooding, the wicking part is dived into 2 layers to prevent over-saturated. The bottom of the coil is a gold-plated pin to lead an excellent electricity conductivity.

To well match its big coil, OBS redesigned its airflow system, the air was drawn from the top, then down to the bottom of its coil, travel a 360 degree airflow circulation in the coil, then out of the tank into vapers’ mouths. Such an air circulation helps a well-tasted flavor to deliver.
The Engine SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank comes with a notch coil, it supports a relatively wide power range, 40w-100w. The biggest advantage of it is a low wattage could trigger a cloudy vaping.

SUB Tank and SUB Mini Tank only differ in size, the small one feature a 23mm in diameter, 3.5ml e-liquid capacity, little bit smaller than SUB Tank’s 5.3ml, but both of them are compatible with its 17mm coil.

All in all, low wattage, cloudy vaping, leakage proof, 360°Air circulation, worth of your trying!

More details of OBS Engine SUB Tank Series, find here:

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