Before, we introduced you Arctic Dolphin Arthur, a Stab Wood Mod at a very affordable price. Its releasing draws a huge attention of community members. Many reviewers gave it very positive comments until DJLsb Vapes. He himself found a few flaws on his Arthur sample. For these concerned flaws on Arthur Mod sample, Arctic Dolphin has been actively communicating with DJLsb Vapes and trying to solve all these issues.

Today, we receive a positive answer from Arctic Dolphin. They have improved all the flaws. We can ensure all of you, for the full product version Arthur Mod, all are newly improved, flawless ones! And also for those who pre-ordered at Heaven Gifts, all of you would receive improved and flawless version. We will start get the 1st stock in Feb 21, 2017. Feel free to order from us!

We elaborate Arthur’s improvement a bit here:

DJLsb Vapes and Arctic Dolphin published their statement on Arthur, you could read here:
Official Letter for Arthur Stab Wood Mod to All of Our Customers-Product News-Arctic dolphin Digital Ltd
Arctic Dolphin Arthur Mod Upcoming Full Product Version Improvement Announcement-Product News-Arctic dolphin Digital Ltd
Final Statement in response of "Official Letter for Arthur Stab Wood Mod to All of Our Customers" by Arctic Dolphin - DJLsb Vapes

According to their statements, public comments, and Arctic Dolphin’s saying, we know there are 3 major flaws: “TC Delay” “Resistance off Reading” “Finish”.

Regarding these issues, Arctic Dolphin updates Arthur’s firmware features “soft” ”normal” ”hard” modes for Vapers to adjust to fix “TC delay”; “Resistance off Reading” could be caused by a lose 510 thread contact, now its mounting is redesigned (see pictures below), other than this, Arthur’s reading is very accurate, the manufacturer did a comparison test with other advanced mod (watch video test blow); And Arctic Dolphin fixed fire button rattling, projecting screws.

Revised Mounting Pics:

Resistance Reading Comparison Video:

Well, we really appreciate Arctic Dolphin. They do listen to vapers’ voice and actively improve their product. We think, the Arthur Mod, is still an excellent one, worth of your trying, especially it comes at a very affordable price.

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