It looks like we gonna have a new toy for our every day carry. Introduce you the V2 Crown hand spinner series. Some of you might know that hand spinner is born to get rid of your anxiety.The fidget toy has many kinds, mainly different in its spin numbers.Basically the last spinning time depends on its bearing and spins. The V2 Crown series all adopts ceramic bearing to guarantee a long spinning. Meanwhile it is decorated with rhinestones, does not lose any aesthetic at all. The biggest one is 38mm in radius, perfect for your pocket. When you are getting bored, grab it, spin it by your finger, try different spinning tricks, could increase your focus and concentration. It is the new trend of 2017, worth of playing!

Hybrid ceramic bearing with rhinestones
Long rotating time
Easy to clean

More details of V2 Crown Hand Spinner Fidget Toy, please find here:

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