Not many single coil tanks out there could handle an up to 4mm in diameter coil until the unveiling of Wotofo Serpent SMM, which was jointly invented by Wotofo and Suck My Mod. You might wonder what it is capable of, why it deserves a post here? Well, let’s find out together!

General View

The whole packaging comes in a cardboard box and point out the danger of vaping on it due to the Tobacco Products Directive. Inside, it comes with 2 spare glass tubes, ultem drip tip, spare screws, coils, one cotton pad, a screw driver, and a manual, which are absolutely everything for a tank.

Unique Structure

The Serpent SMM inherits the GTA deck from previous The Troll tank if you are into Wotofo Brand. The whole deck is floating on the base and the space between 2 posts is very wide to place various kinds of coils. Differ from traditional RTAs, its draining channels are isolated from the airflow which ensures newbies an easy wicking process, no more PITA on rolling cottons to fit the draining holes, prevents a leakage issue from happening.

Owing to the side airflow air inlets on the posts, it offers a closest air circulation around the central coil, which helps to the coil to vaporize e-juice better. Apart from its drip tip, the whole height of Serpent SMM is only 31mm, which is quite short compare to a 4mm capacity tank. Why shorter? Well, it reduces the transmission route of hot vapor, makes sure vapor purity. Moreover, top screws are very easy for newbies to drive when it comes to fix the wire, helps an accurate ohm reading.


Back to the point, all we care is how it performs from the beginning to end. Is it good to go? The answer is always it tastes differently on person. That’s also part of the reason why people are so in love with vaping. However, we have generalized comments from big reviewers.

“Adjust to 65w, keep the airflow wide open, very nice flavor. This is a great first RTA for people who want to get into them, very simple to build, very forgiving to wick.” By Suck My Mod

“The build quality is beautiful. Top filling is smooth. 4ml e-liquid capacity for such small tank is a pro also. It fits many big coils. Very hard to find cons.” By Mike Vapes

“The Serpent SMM is a lot of airy to other single coil tanks. It even fits a 4mm in diameter coil.The size of it is very small, I enjoy it! This is my favorite single coil RTA so far!” By DJLsb Vapes


All in all, the Wotofo Serpent SMM is a delicately designed RTA for flavor chasers who are not into coil builds yet. It is very forgiving on building and wicking, has a good performance mouth to lung vape feelings. We recommend it to you!