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    Sourin Air - A Nicely Crafted & Portable Vape Pod

    With the development of vaping culture, it seems those hype mods, rebuildable tanks start to play a leading part in the market, which more or less, push away some new vapers who just wanna a simple device for switching. But fortunately, we can still find some nice starter kits hit the market from time to time. The Sourin Air is one of them. Never heard of it? If I am telling you that it's manufactured by Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, with clients like Apple, will you be interested to take a further look at it? Alright, let's find out whether it can stand out from those similar devices.

    Packing & Specs

    The whole packaing comes in a large high quality white cardboard box with "Air" logo on the front top. Inside, we have a 400mAh Sourin Air battery, a 2ml refillable cartridge, a USB cable, and a user manual. The whole device is 88 x 45 x 8 mm in dimension and available in 6 stylish colors.

    Design & Performance

    At first sight, you'd never guess it's an e-cigarette, cuz it looks more like a portable mobilephone battery or ipod. Featuring an ultra thin and tiny size, this "all-in-one" deivce can be easily put into your wallet and hidden in your hand, which is a good thing if you prefer stealth vaping. You know, sometimes, we just can't stop our cravings but hate to draw others' attention in public, so a stealthy device will help avoid such awkwardnesses.

    Unlike the traditional disposable cartridge, the Suorin Air cartridage is refillable and can be easily topped up, so you don't have to spend the extra bucks for a replacement until the coil tastes terrible, which, I think is much better and cheaper than those disposable cartridges. Another thing is, it even doesn't come with a proper mouthpiece, instead a small hole on one top corner of the cartridge, weird but acceptable when you get used to it. Like JUUL or other automatic e-cigarettes, the Suorin Air also allows you to take a draw to activate the device, no physical fire button needed, very similar to smoking.

    With a neat & simple design, the mettalic battery body just has a small “on/off” switch on one of its narrow edges, a micro-USB charging port and a LED indicator light on the bottom.

    As for the performance, you can't expect it to meet a full day vaping since it has a tiny 400mAh capactiy that fire up to 16w max. But it's pretty decent compared with some similar devices. And the most amazing part is its recharge time, only 30 minutes to fully charge the battery. And you can also enjoy vaping while it's charging via the USB cable, which is nice.

    The vaping experience with this Suorin Air is as good as expected. It produces decent amount of vapor and delivers the pure flavor of the e-juice. If you are an advanced vaper who like blowing big clouds, this divce might disappoint you, but if you are new to vaping looking for a similar smoking experience, then you can count on it.


    Simply put, this Suorin Air is a nicely crafted & simple setup, specially designed for vape beginners or previous smokers who want to try a vape alternative.
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