E-juice DIY fans, here we bring you a really amazing device to make your e-juice mixing way easy - the Nitecore NFF01 Magnetic Liquid Mixer, which is a professional equipement specially designed for e-liquid DIY users. It features an adjustable rotational speed from 70 to 1200 revolutions per minute and a selectable heating temperature between 35 to 70℃. Most importantly, it comes with two intelligent mixing modes, PMM and SMM, catering for different mixing needs. Moreover, it has digital temperature control function which ensures e-juice heating and stirring evenly. The simple user interface shows all data in a clear and easy way. Plus multi-safety protections, solid build material and low noise, this NFF01 is no doubt a durable device for vapers who wanna mix their own e-juices for massive clouds and optimal flavor.

Size: 161 x l44.7 x 53mm
Input: DC 12V 3A MAX (a power adapter included)
Motor: 70-1200 R.P.M. (displayed on the screen)
Motor output: 3W
Heat output: 30W
Heating temperature: 70℃ MAX
Temperature control: Digital temperature control
Control precision: 5℃/10℉
Heat source: Ceramic
Panel material: SS304 Stainless steel
Mixing capacity: 30-1000ML (30-200ML recommended)
Operating duration: SMM default mode: continuous, PMM programmed mode: 14 days (maximum duration)

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