As we know, Wotofo are well-received in the community owing to their big hit in RTA filed by releasing Serpent and the Troll series. So why they come up with a sub ohm tank especially when rebuildable tanks become a mainstream recently? Will this new Flow Subtank bring some surprises? We think itís better to give you guys a clear impression by comparing it with another hot sub ohm tank from Smok, the TFV8 Baby Beast which has been on the market for quite a long time.

From size, we can see the Flow Subtank and Baby Beast are both mini tanks and will fit nicely on most mods. But the Flow is 24mm in diameter, a little bit fatter and shorter than the 22mm Baby Beast, which is also what a lot of people look for these days. Though both tanks come with 2ml TPD compliant tank capacity, the Flow is much more flexible to set up with a silicone plug, which means, in one package, you can either use the Flow as a normal 4ml tank or change it into 2ml; on the contrary, the Baby Beast can be only available in a normal 3ml version or 2ml EU version. On this point, the Flow Subtank is no doubt one up on the Baby Beast.

Both tanks adopt top filling system. For the Flow subtank, just unscrew off the top cab and you can refill through the e-juice ports. While the Baby Beast features a hinge lock top fill design which allows you contrarotate the top cab rather than taking if off to expose the e-juice ports. IMHO, itís very easy and convenient to refill either of them. Itís just a personal choice regarding which one is better for you.

As for the airflow, these two tanks are not much different, featuring 2 large air slots at the bottom base. You can easily adjust the bottom airflow ring to get the best airflow you want.

Now come to the core part of a sub ohm tank Ė the coil head. Wotofo provide two premade coils with same resistance of 0.25ohm in the package of the Flow Subtank, which delivers impressively flavorful clouds at the recommended output power of 35-60w. So you donít need worry about running juice so fast and pump up your battery to 100w around. As for the Baby Beast, weíve already known itís designed for cloud chasing, with multiple coil heads available, most of them can give you huge vapor production and best flavor at higher power, but suck juice like a hell at the same time. Well, if you really like those Baby Beast coils, the good thing is you can use them in the Wotofo Flow Subtank. Two different tanks, same coil heads, cool, you will save some bucks.

And as a newly released sub ohm tank, the Flow is even cheaper than the Baby Beast, only US$24.15 at with code ďAHG15Ē. Thatís pretty a reasonable price for such a great middle-range power sub ohm tank.

Nowadays, everything seems to be about clouds, high wattages and tricks. But not everyone rebuild tanks. There are still a certain group of people who enjoy warm flavorful clouds with little power and donít bother to build their own coils. So I guess this is the reason Wotofo turn their attention to a new sub ohm tank. And based on the reliable build quality and good performance Wotofo achieve on their RTAs, this Flow Subtank would also be a good piece for you sub ohm tank fans and even a strong competitor to Baby Beast.