When you first open the box of Joyetech EXCEED D19, you will find how beautiful this Exceed kit is! It’s really stylish! There are two coils supplied with it. One is silver and the other Gold. After ‘priming’ the coil and making sure everything is ready, you can take your first vape. The intense flavour will come through pretty much instantly! Definitely the best flavour in an e-cig.

The airflow has two different settings. There is a large hole which let you take in more air and there are three much smaller holes which you can use for that more traditional draw simulating a cigarette. It’s a great extra and adds something new to cater for those people who like a different vaping style! You can fill the device from the top, which really made it easy to top up when you are out and about without having to actually take the tank off!

There is a little light ring that seems to surround the tank. It makes the Exceed kit look really cool. The battery works great too and seems to be consistent throughout the full charge! You can change the way it outputs power as well so it makes the vape more intense if it’s on ‘unregulated’ mode. This is helpful for the morning time when you get that ultimate cigarette craving!

More pics: https://imgur.com/a/KQcT9

As it is mentioned earlier, this device looks and feels great. The size is just right and it is not bulky at all, perfect for pockets! It is perfect for anyone who wants something that delivers unbelievable flavour. It absolutely does EXCEED all expectations!