The vape industry is booming developing year after year. We had the subohm tanks in 2015, then temperature control came into life...Now the tide is moving forward to battery with the change of Mods. Speaking of new batteries, we have to mention the 20700, 21700 types. More and more E-CIG manufacturors realize the adoption of 20700 is a better choice without increasing too much size of a mod, while increasing power and lifespan. However, it seems it is difficult for vape folks to pick this new type battery since everyone is getting used to 18650 cell. Today, Heaven Gifts brings you the Ampking AK3030 20700 3000mAh High Drain Rechargeable Battery. It is wroth a mention that the Battery KOL Mooch did an intensive test on it and give a quite positive comment "accurately rated, a good 20700 battery". See the test report here:

While we send this Ampking 20700 battery to a professional Lab and have Altitude simulation, Thermal test, Vibration, Impact,Forced discharge, Shock, External short circuit tests, the result is quite positive too. See details below:

If you happen to have the difficulty on 20700 battery choosing, follow our guide, you won't go wrong.

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