Many of you, as a vaper, might be very familiar with various kinds of vape goodies. However, do you know the story behind the scene? Do you know how a vape gear presented to you? Do you know how we manage to produce an e-cigarette from just an idea? Well, this is not a boring vape gear manufacturing documentary….Please do not click ‘x’ in the top right corner….What next happen could change the whole vape community….

Back to the topic, yes, all of these we descripted above are not easy….For many grass roots who want to initiate vape business is almost impossible. Many possible innovative vape ideas were missed for these big issues. The coming DeepinMaker solves all the problems you faced/facing, from design to terminal market with its productization service, which is dived into few parts as introduced below:

Co-design& Development

An innovative idea is not enough…many maker candidates only have very beginning ideas, are not able to design or have very rough model embryo. Hence the ‘polishing’ work is becoming a key element in this stage. The Co-design& Development service of DeepinMaker supported by its veteran designers and engineers helps in any way.


A prototype does not mean a full product. To guarantee the quality, intensive tests are necessary. Hence a pro level lab appears particularly important in this part. And, with the help of our fluent test experience, it is easier to find defects of the prototype and correct them all. The massive production is another key element of manufacturing. We sure even the production number reaches 1,000,000, the quality of product won’t compromise at all.

Lean Supply Chain

Relying on Heaven Gifts 10-year e-cigarette sale foundation, from material purchasing to warehousing to shipment, we have every process of the whole supply chain under controlled.


To sell the product worldwide, we have to follow different governmental provisions to get permit. Certification like CE, RoHS are especially important in digital filed. DeepinMaker can help getting certification quickly without any fuss.

Marketing& Sales

In this era of information explosion, only leaning on good quality and innovative tech cannot catch people’s eyes quickly. A well-planned marketing strategy helps making people to recognize a new product. Lastly, are these works above valuable? Sales would give an answer. We believe, relying on Heaven Gifts’s sale channels, it would make a big difference.

All in all, if you are intrigued and have some good vape ideas and design talents, do contact us…Lets go forward hand in hand and make a better tomorrow.

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