You have good idea, you are capable of designing, you have completed an industrial design even a prototype….However, you are lack of startup investment or you have a full time job to take care with or many other realities stop you to continue your dream/idea. Don’t waste this talent…DeepinMaker would like to cooperate with you to make it a reality. All you need to do is:

A. Finance Services

1. Submit your vape design and apply for startup finance support on DeepinMaker
2. After the application, DeepinMaker contacts you for more info about your work
3. According to your info, DeeinMaker does a further investigation and evaluation
4. Inform you it is doable or not, if yes, DeepinMaker builds a capital pool to support your work

With its Finance services, everything seems to be easier…wait a minute, you may have a question on the profits. How does DeeinMaker cut the cake with you if this is becoming a success?

B. Profit Distribution

Basically, it is divided into 2 conditions when we have the vape gear sold

1. If you get help from our finance services, the profit ratio shall be 6:4 (DeepinMaker : You)
2. If not, the ratio shall be 4:6 (DeepinMaker : You)

Sounds cool? You are intrigued?

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