Extra! Extra! We have a new arrival for you cloud chasers & flavor hunters - SO GOOD Premium E-liquid, a high quality e-juice from French with a range of 34 flavors. 4 major flavor categories including Minty flavor, tobacco flavor, greedy flavor and fruity flavor are available in 10ml/bottle with 1:1 ratio of PG/VG. 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg and 16mg strength for your choice.

As a specialized e-liquid manufacturer, SO GOOD ensure all components of their e-liquids come from exclusively French suppliers and confirm to USP and EP pharmaceutical standards. And to guarantee the safety and quality of the e-liquid, each bottle is packaged in a single-opening case and has a ISO8317 certified child safety cap. It you are looking for a premium e-liquid brand that can deliver pleasant flavor and intense vapor, now you have a new option, only $4.55 for each flavor at heaven gifts.

Minty flavors: Icy Mint/Menthol/Mint/Mint Eucalyptus

Tobacco flavors: California/Dry Tobacco/Dark Dry Tobacco/Sahara/Mild Tobacco/Smooth Dark Tobacco/Tobacco Roll

Greedy flavors: Addict/Anise/Bubble Gum/Cappuccino/Caramel/Cherry Coke/Coca Lemon/Coffee/Honey/Licorice/Mojito/Pina Colada/Vanilla

Fruity flavors: Apple/Blueberry/Cherry/Citrus/Peach Apricot/Lemon/Litchi/Raspberry/Red Fruits/Strawberry

1. Direct shipping from French to other European countries only.
2. Separate order, do not mix with other products.
3. Two shipping methods
a) La Poste: It usually take 1 week. Free delivery for single order over 10 bottles (Retail customers only). Please choose Chronopost if you order more than 20 bottles.
b) Chronopost: It usually takes 2-4 business days. Free shipping for single order over 20 bottles.