We selected some Ijoy product intesting review and did a few conclusion here, hope they could help you on product selecting:

A.Vape beauty Zophie used the Ijoy Elite PS2170 Kit, lets see what she thought:

1.Threadless Coil feature of Captain mini
2.510 Driptip Compatible
3.Airflow is nice and smooth
4.Flavor is pretty good, about average level
5.Push Side Top Filling is easier and no leakage
6.The rainbow color feels like metalic finish
7.Fire bottom is nice and clicky
8.Menu system is also user friendly

1.Does not include any TC coil in the packaging

B.See how Mike Vapes commented the IJOY Captain X3:

1.Nice and firm airflow
2.Does not have any battery rattling
3.Nice looking driptip and top filling
4.The battery life is absolutely great, supports 280 puffs in the first using without charging
5. Nice color screen and easy to navigate

1.Driptip is fragile
2.Slightly overhang with 30mm tank
3.Would like to see RBA base on it
4.Need to active the device to vape after it slept


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