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Thread: Premium E-liquid Collections - Made in Europe or North America, Superior Prices

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    Premium E-liquid Collections - Made in Europe or North America, Superior Prices

    Dear customers,

    Good news! We have cooperated with some overseas e-juice companies, introducing a dropshipping program. What does that mean? Simply put, you have more e-liquid options at Heaven Gifts and we save you time for separately ordering your favorite juice from the offical site. Moreover, these e-liquids are directly shipped by our cooperated juice companies to your door. You don't have to worry about a long delivery time from China. And if you are from the same Country as that juice company, you can even receive your package in a few days. The last but not least, you will enjoy superior prices of these e-liquid at our store and most of them are available for free shipping. So what are you waiting for? Let's take a look at these premium juice brands.

    1. So Good (only for EU customers)

    A high quality e-juice from French with a range of 34 flavors. 4 major flavor categories including Minty flavor, tobacco flavor, greedy flavor and fruity flavor are available in 10ml/bottle with 1:1 ratio of PG/VG. 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg and 16mg strength for your choice.

    2. Frutie & Barly (only for EU customers)

    It's made in Czech and will be shipped from Czech to European countries. It comes with two major flavors, Frutie and Barly, which includes various flavors separately and also are available with different PG/VG ratios as well as nicotine strengths.

    3. Premium Tobacco E-liquid (only for EU customers)

    Premium Tobacco flavors is a new DIY series from Czech, which contains 10ml Premium Tobacco concentrate, 5x 10ml nicotine base and 1x 60ml mixing bottle. It comes with 10 unique tobacco flavors with refined and very true taste.

    4. Love Birds, Love Bites, Splash (only for USA & Canada customers)

    Love Birds, Love Bites, and Splash e-liquids are three new high VG premium e-liquid brands from Canada. They each come with various delicious flavors and are available in a nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. You will enjoy intense flavor and massive clouds from these e-juices.

    5. Big City, Big Vape Deals, Drip Forge (only for USA customers)

    These three premium e-liquid brands are all made in the USA under high standards, provided by Global Vapors. They all includes a varitely of fruity or gourmand flavors at High PG ratio, with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strength available.

    6. Lavaporz (some only for USA customers, some for most HG customers)

    Lavaporz provide 19 different US made e-juice brands such as Secret Sauce, Cloud Breakers, Crave, Custard Treats, Zero Degree, Limeade, King's Tobacco, Vape Crepe, Splash, Juicymon, Secret Salt-Nics, Naked, NKD-Salt, Kilo Original, Kilo Black Series, Kilo White Series, Sour Straws, Bazook Tropical Thunder and Moo. Especially the well-received Naked Juice, you should be very familiar with it if you are a huge fan of US made e-liquids. They all feature 30PG/70VG ratio and come with various tasty flavors. 0mg/3mg/6mg strength available.

    7. Freakyvape (for customers from EU, North America, South America, Australia, Asia)

    It is a Poland made shake and vape liquid without nicotine. It is a ready mixed e-juice, filled up in a 30ml bottle, which always leaves certain space for adding nicotine shot. It features 30PG/70VG ratio to provide a nice throw hit, good flavor as well as tons of vapor production. 28 flavors available for your option.

    8. Fog (only for USA customers)

    It's an 100% USA made e-liquid brand including Premium E-Vapor e-juice and Fusion Premium E-Vapor e-juice. With a ratio of 30PG/70VG, they will provide more vapor production and less throw hit, suitable for most vapers. 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg nic strength for your options.

    9. Mamasan (only for USA customers)

    The Mamasan e-liquid is 100% authentic USA made and adopts 30PG/70VG blend to bring you smooth & flavorful vapor clouds. It includes 5 different flavors, available in 100ml each bottle. The Mamasan e-liquid line will bring you the exotic taste of all kinds of fruity flavors. 0mg/3mg/6mg nicotine strength for your option.

    10. Men's Club (only for Ukraine customers)

    The Men's Club e-liquid is made in Ukraine, with 5 amazing flavors: Creamy Man, Tea Man, Frozen Man, Choko Man and Mango Man. The ratio of PG/VG is 30/70, with 0mg/1.5mg/3mg strength options. 60ml each bottle.

    11. Sir Paman (for all HG customers)

    It's a new juice brand from Cyprus, which comes with 5 nice flavors including Custard King, Fruit Blast, Lemon Orange Split, Strawberry Wave and Tobacco Classic. 4 different versions for your choice with same 30PG/70VG ratio. Among them, the Sir Paman Short Fill E-liquid is contained in a 60ml bottle with only 50ml juice and 10ml space left for you to add nicotine shot to get desired nicotine strength.

    If any of these e-liquids are of interest to you, please don't hesistate to check more detials about them at our store and pay attention to the shipping restrictions before placing your order.

    Thanks for your time & have a nice day!
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    HG- only two or maybe two and half of these on the list are for Australia-

    Can we have another competition please?

    one that is over in less than ten days preferably... ten days was too long
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