Wanna try something innovative? Happen to be looking for a new kit? Then you canít miss the 2-in-1 Fusion by Ehpro. Please follow us to check the youtube reviewersí comments on it.

Mike Vapes

1.Solid device. Feel great in hand
2.Build quality of whole set up is really nice.
3.upgradable board
4.Big pro is the innovation of dual chips.
5.Atomizer has two different, never seen that. You can mix the eliquids.
6.Both Temperate control & SS work well.
6.You can use different tanks here.

Cons:Itís hard to find the cons. I know a lot of people donít like RDTA. I hope they come out different tanks, maybe RTAs.



1.One device, two chips, two wattage controls, two screens, two 510 pins. It works like having two devices in one. Pretty interesting.
2.Itís a good looking, well made kit. Love the color option, love the finish.
3.No button and battery rattle.
4.Two chip options
5.Mixing the two juice from each side
6.You can use it as regular device.
7.Good flavor
8.Upgradable firmware

1.The juice capacity is kind of small, the build deck area is kind of small.
2.The dual chip feature is not going for everyone.
3.The tank drains quickly.



1.Itís truly an innovation device.
2.Flavor is really pleasant. I really enjoy it.
3.Dense cloud.
4.The mod works well and itís upgradable.
5.The RDTA works just like most RDTAs.

1.It may be a little complicated for the beginners.
2.Iím not a RDTA fan. I wish it was a RTA.


Here is the order link in case youíre interested: https://www.heavengifts.com/product/...usion-Kit.html

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