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Thread: JF GSC and SC

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    Question JF GSC and SC

    Hey Tom, I know on your website it says 1 -2.5% etc. how much flavour does that equal to the likes of Capella or TPA or even FW? Do you have any idea? I'm still having a hard time with the flavour intensity. :upset:

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    Sorry I know I'm not Tom (at least I'm pretty sure) but I've used a fair few of JF's Super Concs, so I may be able to help a little.

    The SC's and GSC's are as potent as they say, and should definitely only be used in small percentages, between 1 and 2.5% as you say. I've also found that they are best when used on their own or with only one or maybe two extra flavours. If you start trying layered, gourmet style juices, it tends to get a bit muddled.

    Capella, TFA and all the rest seem to be anywhere between 5 and 25% recommended, but what I've found is that it helps looking at JF's review section on each flavour for recommendations. I've avoided a lot of trial and error by doing this, as well as finding some great recipes

    Hope this helps
    Peace, YNWA

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