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  1. colour is still the same blonde.. just this photo makes it look darker. I look unhappy? O.O I dunno.. My brain has switched off for the night lol >.>
    Hmm no I disagree :$ How long u gonna be sulking for?
  2. Oh and looks like your hair colour has changed?? Yes.. you look unhappy. Were you unhappy the camera was up so high??
    Ah... see that is open to interpretation. Could be because of the 'if your having a bad day thread' or could be because I was sad :~(.. probably more the former though!
    Dawson does look kinda cool as a sook though!
  3. That was a rather accurate observation! Lol o_O
    No kidding? Reallly? HA! Actually.. why did u choose that as an avatar anyway?
  4. the camera is held up rather high in your avatar!
    I'm not dawson btw.
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