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Thread: Silica wick with ss core no more dry hits ( Protank edition )

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    Silica wick with ss core no more dry hits ( Protank edition )

    I love my Protank.....sometimes

    Trouble is when it is full I get dry hits and when its near empty it floods.

    Take out a flavour wick ( ha ha leak wick ) and it fixes it for when it's full but makes it worse when the liquid level drops. The increased air pressure just forces too much liquid through and we get enough flooding in Brisbane as it is.

    So I wanted to find a way to 1 : get more liquid in the wick when the tank is full and
    2 : put enough silica in the bottom to combat the air pressure as it empties

    So I gave this a shot


    Had some spare ss mesh cut offs ( only flamed to clean, not oxidized ) so I rolled some around a pin to give a nice straw. Then inserted it into some 3mm silica wick. Rolled a coil around it and seated it as per usual. ( next time I will put some tape on both ends ) Trimmed the excess and tested it came in at 1.9ohms. Placed an extra bit of wick on top just to make sure it was tightly sealed.

    Wow it's working great so far. I now no longer have to suck like ( insert own joke here ) to get it to wick when full.
    There is a steady stream of small bubbles that rise as I am vaping. The straw seems to be keeping up and I didn't get a dry hit once. The tank is nearly empty now and because I have so much silica in the opening it hasn't flooded yet either.

    Might have to try this in other BCCs and maybe other things too.
    Well at least Vaping has stopped my god awful wheezing

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    man u sure love ur protanks. I tried rebuilding the protank head once, and the thing is so tiny it did my headin. Might try your method. I'm finding love again for the protank.
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    Good idea and makes maintenance a lot easier and longer lasting setup. I have been toying with the idea of putting a ceramic wick in a ceramic cup, for the killer 705 and Diver just got to sit down with some cotton balls and work out how I am going to feed the ceramics in those. I am sure I can do it to my Penelope as well, in essence it should also work in the protank heads, might give them all a go and see what I can get happening. Requires broken wicks fine files and patience.
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    I now have pretty much everything I could want, next step is making my own mods and juices, watch this space er cadet....



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