So I don't know if I am the only one that's tried cleaning a stardust clearo soaking it in boiling water and then found all the parts came unstuck from each other, but I found a good use for those parts if it does happen to you.
Just take the metal part off the bottom of the stardust and leave the top metal sleeve screwed onto your drip tip (it should be able to slip on and off the plastic tube).
Grab the bottom off an evod, click out the center post to expose the wicks and coil and push the bottom of your stardust clearo tube over the whole setup of the evod base with exposed wicks,
you can now simply slide off your drip tip sleeve for easy dripping right from the vial.
Looks like a stardust hit's like a dripping atty
can use your favourite stardust drip tip.
Evod wick and coils are the easiest thing to rebuild and your wick isn't going to burn with this much juice on it anyway.

It's great for around the house but I have a feeling your tube will just pop off in a tight pocket situation.

Yes this was inspired by the ego cone - evod to rba tutorial, I just didn't have an ego cone and did have alot of bonding melted stardusts.

This picture is just to show how easy it is to drip if you're feeling lazy, you get much better vapour just pulling the whole tube off and soaking the wick in a couple drops or putting your syringe down the tube and doing it that way.

What do you think, do we have a ce9 concept here? :P