I was suddenly struck by the possible seredipity of owning an Orchid that wicks like a dream, but is a little too airy for my taste ( so I learnt to lung draw, thats fun ) and an old kayfun v1 clone, that wicks like a pig and is a little too tight on the draw. So I put the orchid base into the kayfun, and yes the chimney was too short, so I put a plastic tube extender on the chimney, but wasn't very succesful, then saw somewhere that the silicone cap off an old i-clear would fit. A perfect seal, well no leaks yet. The draw was a little tight, so l clipped off the little nipple thingy and expanded the hole marginally. Perfect (for me anyway) So now I have an easy to build, double coil bottom feeder with nice draw and only needs to be refilled half as often as the Orchid. Vapour production is only slightly reduced, but I believe flavour much improved.
I think I'll need to get another Orchid, especially now that the easy fill version 2 is available, and a spare tank has to be a good thing?
Secondary gain was getting rid of the juice well on the bottom of the kayfun, that was 10mm that never did me any good.