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    Hana clone needs repairs

    Hey guys , i have a fasttech hana mod that stopped working and after opening the back up and accessing the chip board realised the wire connection to the 510 has come off. It needs a stripping and solder back on .. But there is little room to do anything in there.. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this , fixed this or is able to fix it .. Also curious about putting a floating 510 in .. Thanks peeps

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    You should be able to buy a replacement 510 connector very easily online, then take that and the mod to a proper electronics shop and pay the 30 or so bucks labour for them to fix... very easy if you know what youre doing...

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    Another option may be put your location into your profile so people close to you can perhaps offer some help.
    I help most people where I'm able but being close kinda helps.

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    This is the floating pin 510 connector you need. :510 Connector - Self-adjusting Center Pin - 14mm, 22mm, 28.5mm



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