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Thread: Dual Coil tool .(bottom coil ) Kanger style

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    Dual Coil tool .(bottom coil ) Kanger style

    This little tool makes rebuilding dual BHC super easy and may help those reusing kanger coils or similar.
    (2) rivets 1/8th ,file,some diff diameter heat shrink tubing .

    File 1 rivet collar into a V shape with a small trianular file, this V shape accomodates the stem of next rivet stem.
    File bottom of second rivet collar to a flat finish ,adjust filing to suit so as one rivet will sit on top of other rivet.Leaving gap between stems .
    Slide heat shrink over 1 collar and heat ,cut excess tubing.
    Now put next rivet on top of other rivet so as stem is held via v shape ,holding both collars use heat shrink to wrap both collars together ,several coverings of heat shrink will form a nice tight grip.

    5 minutes to make ,and i have several depending on 28# or 30# kanthal.
    Now i slide both coils onto stem ,each coil has both 1 short and 1 long leg, insert wires into coil well ,with tool holding both coils perfectly in position at the same time.
    Trim wires ,making sure both short and long legs are together ,feed Ken do cotton and trim to suit. VIOLA .
    When rebuilding i do maybe 5 or 6 at one time and they are ready to replace when required . My 30# duals are all constantly 10wraps @1.3ohm ,28# 9 wraps are 1.5ohm.
    Sorry about picture quality ,tried macro ,oooops.
    P1010036 (Copy).JPG
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    thats cool.
    do you have a link of a video because I have plenty of blocked up kanger coils.

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    Sorry no vid,
    New style dual kanger coils are PITA ,but there is a way to dis assemble (easier way.) with no damage.
    Tools needed.
    Spare bottom from evod or protank.
    Jewellers driver , small hammer, prefferably a vice.
    Small needle nose pliers.

    Dis assembly.
    Pull out coil bottom contact pin,and silicone insulating grommet, leave aside.
    Screw the dirty coil into spare air bottom base, firmly .Now you have something easier to hold.
    Turn upside down ,so as chimney pipe is facing down. Insert driver so as to reach past coils and bottom out at chimney base,
    Tap screwdriver head with small hammer and the press held chimney will pop off .
    Use needle nose pliers to pull ss/ring with 4 holes off,slightly wiggle .
    Pull out old dual coils and wick.

    Re assembly , built your coils , slide onto tool, keeping both short and long legs together, slide wires and tool down into coil well. Tool will fit between grooves on well and stay in place ,leaving hands free.
    At this point , slide insulating grommet up one set only of coil legs and push into place, now re insert contact pin into grommet. Trim legs with wire cutters (close).
    Slide the coil tool out .
    Test your achievments with OHM meter, coils should be centered in well and below the top lip of well.
    Thread cotton or similar into both coils ,trim , pack excess gently into side of well ,slide ss ring back onto well ,keeping the holes at the bottom ,
    Test Ohm,s again .
    Press chimney back onto well,this is hard with new style units and you may have to leave new coil screwed into air control base , sit air base on table or such and then tap the chimney firmly with hammer.
    Due to fact that chimney are now press fitted ,dont Wack it like a sledge hammer,just firmly and it will seal.

    This may seem longwinded ,but it only takes several minutes to do each coil,once competent.
    Hope this helps .
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    Thanks Oldhead. I am amassing a pile of used Kanger coils. I'll give this a go when I can get the tools together.
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