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    DIY passthrough battery-less usb only work in pc not wall socket?

    So from [] I did my own mod... unlike the video where he ditch the button, i kept it and to my surprised it worked fine!

    MY QUESTION IS: Why does it only work in the laptop, and that when i use it in a wall socket, the button starts to blink? (just like when you press it for too long with a normal ego and the security kicks in)

    I am assuming it over heats, or over voltage? i don't know... i would like to understand exactly how the borad behave, and if i ditch the board would it **** it up or eliminate the problem?

    i like to keep the board and have the blue light working so far, but i would love to be able to use it everywhere too!

    For those who wanna try:

    Dead battery are eazy to open when you know how
    (just do as if you were to break a bread-stick in half..push with the thumb in the middle and pull with the rest of both and hands(i now actually use my dog's nail cutter as it fit perfectly without damaging the metal like with pliers and it's better that the bread stick method)... AND be careful not to yank the wire while doing so)

    anyways, i just plug the 2 power wires from the usb wire, use hot-glue to make sure that the usb wire doesn't move inside(that's the number one killer of those e-cig and it's micro soldering so it's a *****)

    And that's it! easier than the video, but maybe the one from the video works in the wall socket!
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