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Thread: Vision Spinner II now called Vapros Spinner II?

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    Vision Spinner II now called Vapros Spinner II?

    Placed an order with Vapestreet for a Triton, coils and Vision spinner II. All came very fast in the post the next day, as usual.

    To my suprise and slight disappointment, i see that the Vison is. vapros instead, even though the site clearly shows and advertises a Vision and mentions: "Vision Spinner 2 Battery is the highest capacity variable battery with 1600mah capacity. Genuine Product from Vision."

    Vision Spinner 2 Battery 1600mAh - Vape Street Australia

    I have sent an email 2 days ago and no reply, I will leave it until Monday then call them directly for an explanation.
    I have no issues with buying this spinner, if it is not a clone and guranteed safe.

    I will be travelling in time, please leave a message and I will get back to you last week.

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    What was the upshot ?
    The pics on the site look exactly like my spinner 2.

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    Exactly, i emailed them and they never replied, bad customer service.

    The site shows a Vision Spinner but you get delivered a Vapros with no explanation.

    These vendors need to grasp the idea of customer service, selling products comes with responsibilities and Vape Street need to pull their socks up. You shouldn't sell one product when another is advertised, regardless of the fact that they may or not be identical, changed name or whatever.
    They have lost a customer.
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    I will be travelling in time, please leave a message and I will get back to you last week.

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    Vapros I believe is the European franchisee distributing a "range" of Vision gear in europe as far as I know . There are even fake Vapros's out there tho these days .
    This talk of Vision splitting into different companies is market crap I would think , its Vapros riding on the rep of vision IMO
    IME you will find the companies who do these deals for rebranded OEM can go two ways .. they either pay a premium for rebranding A-grade stock, or they make a deal to purchase 1,000's of units built to price ( read using cheaper/out of spec/not quite right stock)
    Which one you got will only be revealed by comparing it in performance and reliability and quality with a real Vision II

    Its a bit poor to do brand substitution without consultation , even if it IS indeed the same product ... you pay a premium for a Vision over a clone and therefore you should GET what you pay for.
    The difference between genuine vision spinner II and fakes

    Lots n Lots at many many prices

    From US$4 and up ... hmmm $4 doesnt inspire me to think Genuine|4191759442 <-- which while clearly having REAL in the description , shows the range of "Fake" boxes Vision warn you about
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    I bought my second Vision Spinner II from eBay (probably a mistake) and it looked genuine, but out of the box it had a sticky fire button. Every now and then the button would stick down. I probably just got a genuine one with a factory defect because the packaging looked exactly the same as my first, but who knows??

    EDIT - just read FatMan's link on the difference between genuine and fake - got to go check both now. Will do so in the morning and post my results. I'm too buggered to do it now.
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