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Thread: Battery Eliminator- Thoughts?

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    Battery Eliminator- Thoughts?

    Thought it was a nifty idea for those who have some advanced knowedge of batteries but (def not for newbies- so dont try it) and am not technically minded so checked before posting this -

    Am told this may work well with small mods but not large ones because of needing a big power supply - Also would have to ensure either way that the power supply is up to the needs of the mod

    Battery eliminator

    Battery Eliminator
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    Yes, "up to the needs of the mod" is the key point here. As amp requirements go up, the costs can go up exponentially. Switchmode power supplies can keep down the cost and size, but there's a limit to what can be achieved.

    20 amp stand alone power supplies are not that common. It's easy to miss how significant the Li-ion technology was to making vaping possible. We now play with amps like they are nothing at all. If you have a look at the plug pack on that DIY page you'll see it's only half an amp, and that's pretty common. The bigger ones are usually 2 amps, tops, because bigger than that really costs a lot more. I'm Estimating that a 4.2V 20 amp supply would cost between $100 and $200 dollars if mass produced. If you do a search for high current power supplies you'll see a lot of laboratory bench supplies, designed for powering up experimental circuits. They normally have a lot of built-in safety features like current limiting and short circuit protection and will range from $200 to $400 for a 40 amp device. The more expensive ones usually just have better regulation and a smoother output, neither of which is that important for our application.

    If I was doing this I'd probably devise a mod that was designed to run directly off a variable voltage lab power supply rather than as a battery eliminator. That way you could use a higher voltage and less current, helping to keep the costs down. Being a variable voltage lab supply, it would have short circuit protection and current limiting built in and allow you to closely monitor the current.

    Edit, and yes, something like a 10 amp power supply would be a lot cheaper, probably mass produced for under $100. I'm thinking something like a small computer power supply, setup up to output 4.2 volts - it would only need to be about 50 to 60 watts to give it some safety margin.
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    The whole reason vaping took off was because modern batteries made it portable. What's the point of being connected to a PowerPoint? If you wanted to be connected to mains and love clouds a fogging machine would rock your world!

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    Salt water batteries would be nice but it seems they only go to 1.5V...for now.
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