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Thread: Disassembly of the smok alien 220w mod

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    Disassembly of the smok alien 220w mod

    This is a pictorial of sorts for those who wish to pull their smok alien 220w apart for repainting and or polishing.
    (NO smok product was harmed in the making, The alien that was used in this pictorial had a short circuit fry already.)

    Enjoy, and always be safe.

    7 t4/6 hex screws 4 on top (no shit) and 3 under the battery flap.

    You will want to be careful when removing the top with the 510 as it's got a short wire connected to the mobo.

    That's if your wanting to strip that part as well,

    Otherwise the 3 screws in under the flap, will remove this side and flap.

    Once you've removed the flap and side which falls off, you can slide the frame and coloured bit down and the trigger will flick up and comes off easily, (make sure you don't lose the spring.

    The frame coloured needs a bit of a jiggle of sorts as it will get stuck sliding off, (up/down buttons) or you can flip it screen side up and slide down and the buttons will sit on the mobo.

    Putting back together is obviously the reverse, with the up/down buttons place buttons back on the cover screen down and slide back on, when it catches pull softly on the case and push up.
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    Edit: the faces on the coloured trim are attached with a double sided tape of sorts and easy to pry off
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