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Thread: eGo Charger Mod

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    eGo Charger Mod

    Saw this on Reddit and thought it was a genius idea. I'm shamelessly reposting here as I reckon it's awesome.

    Charger mod - Imgur

    By Redditor i_comment_rarely_now

    Quick outline how and why I made it. I had several chargers for Joyetech 510-t and ego batteries I use and I didn't like the mess of cables, nor the risk of connecting the wrong battery to the wrong charger. I bought a 4-way USB splitter (from paradisevapeuk) and a standard sized rolling baccy tin (from the poundshop). Together they fit neatly in the tin and can be deconstructed should I want to have a lone cable (though I doubt such an occasion will arise).
    Construction was simple. I'll break it into steps.

    1. Take your chargers, in my case four, and hold them snuggly side by side and then tape them to your work surface. This will stop them wandering due to the cables.
    2. Take a piece of card and hold this against the circular threaded end. Now draw around charging ends. This will give you four evenly spaced circles on the bottom of the card, this will be your drill guide. It doesn't matter if the circles aren't perfect, it is only so that you can find the correct distancing.
    3. The chargers are secured to the base of the tin by sticky-backed velcro so this means they will be raised slightly (3mm) from the bottom of the tin. The charger "noses" are approx. 12mm in diameter so I marked four drill points on the card, aligned with the vertical midline of my circles, 9mm (3mm + 1/2 of 12mm) from the card bottom.
    4. Tape the card on the outside long face of the tin, aligned with the bottom of tin. Now drill your holes with a small pilot bit and then a larger bit. I used a 10mm bit and then used a grinding stone to enlarge the holes slightly to 12mm. Just keep checking them to see if the noses of the cchargers fit.
    5. On the underside, I drilled four 3mm holes, in line with the centres of the side holes, about 27mm from the tin's edge so that I would see the LED indicators.
    6. Insert chargers, use velcro to secure them. Coil and tie cables, plug into 4 way hub and then pop hub under tin's lip. Tension should hold it in place.
    7. Only other job is to file a small hole in the tin's lip in line with hub's cable so that the lead can protude when needed to charge. You can see I bollocksed this by filing the wrong side (notice the two grooves on one of the short side where there should be one) because I initially thought the hub would go on top of the chargers but the tin struggled to close. Instead I have the hub sitting on their cables, which gives it ever so slightly lower profile.

    Job's done and it takes a very short time indeed.
    I would have used a neat vintage tobacco tin but I wanted my first attempt to use something cheap in case it went awry. Any questions, just ask.
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    Neat little compact rack ... I wonder if it would have cooling issues here in sunny Oz those ego chargers can get warm ... you would also need a 2A+ power supply if you were gonna use all all outlets at once as each ego charger is usually 420-430mA .
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    Cool that it's homemade but you can buy these too.

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    Yeah I also wondered about heat. I guess you could always add a small fan if you knew what you were doing! As for power supply, I guess you could try a powered hub, that would handle 2 easily. I only have 2 chargers anyway so if I was to give it a crack that's all I would build it for.



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