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Thread: Holy crap, coils are fun.

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    Holy crap, coils are fun.

    I received a Spheroid from BigAli today, and have subsequently spent the evening vaping away and fiddling with coils.

    My first coil was a near perfect 1.3ohm and vaped like a champ at 3.3v. 3/4 wraps around some fluffy, I think 3mm, wick.
    I couldn't believe I had been so intimidated by RBAs.
    There is this awesome feeling of satisfaction vaping on a coil you've built. I love it.

    I just disassembled the Spheroid and I got to see how bad a steeped VG tobacco juice gunks up coils, damn. Using a skinnier wire (I know jack squat about gauges of wire forgive my noobishness) and wrapped a slightly prettier 2.3ohm coil around some, I wanna say 2mm, silica. No short, no E1 error, no scary popping, just clouds of vapour.

    The most frustrating part of the whole build was trying to fit the centre column wrapped in sera into the tank body without little bits poking up into the threads. I got that sorted after 10 minutes of fiddling and rewrapping, then sat in happy clouds of awesome.

    I love building coils and I am in love with this Spheroid. It's the first decent vape I've had in weeks that wasn't out of a carto. All the annoyance and frustration I had been feeling with my Comets and my Kanger T3s just vanished when I started vaping on the Spheroid.

    Big thank you to BigAli and MMM, who also sent me a few things including some blue foam to try using with the Spheroid.
    This might just be beginners luck and I might be blinded by that, but I have absolutely no reservations about RBAs, I look forward to trying a gennie down the road and a BF dripper for a Reo (way way down the road, haha.)

    This has become more than a method of getting off the smokes for me now, this is a full blown hobby and obsession. I'm more than OK with that.
    That's all I wanted to say. Vape on friends, don't be scared of rebuildables, they are super fun.
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    awesome work! yeah the spheroid is an awesome rebuildable. I just had the whoops one night and CBF on rebuildables and went and got a reo. Now i am torn on what to use!

    Genesis rebuildables are a lot more time consuming but when you get them right...whoa awesome vape. IMO the spheroid is one of the best, easy no fuss with resistance and non resistance wire twisting.

    If you are using it on a provari i would recommend getting some .16 kanthal or nichrome, 4 wraps should give you around 1.6-1.8 ohm (thinner more ohm thicker less ohm)

    And yes, vaping turns into a hobby hahahaha and the obsession comes when your searching for that perfect vape (which i hope the killer 705 will give)

    Have fun, keep vaping and never smoke again!
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    Good to see you are having a good vape day Rynxa, after reading some of your posts the last week or so, you deserve it

    You are highly unlikely to get shorts on a silica rebuildable, it is when you start using SS mesh as a wick that shorts are more common but it is still advisable to check for shorts with any rebuildable.
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    I too am keen to getting into the RBAs.. I envy the clouds of vapour RBA users get.
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    Welldone Rynxa.
    I'm very glad that you are enjoying your vape and are enjoying rebuilding coils and playing around with your spheroid.
    I got one a couple of days ago from Eldubya and it is a nice vape and a very forgiving to setup.
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