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Thread: Cartomizer confusion

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    Cartomizer confusion

    I received my kit (based on the newbie shopping list thread) a few days ago and have been using the clearomizers. One of the batteries appears to be DOA... the 5-click-switch works and the light flashes, and holding down the button keeps the light on as if it is working, but attaching clearomizers to it produces no result.

    Aaaaanyway, that is another story.

    The thing is, I also bought some cartomizers as per the shopping list. Today was the first day I decided to give one a go. I don't have a blunt syringe handy, but I had already seen a youtube video demonstrating that it was OK to remove the top plug with, say, a paperclip and fill directly.

    OK, so I did that, but as I started to fill the cartomizer started to leak (rather a lot) from the other end. Not like the liquid was running straight through, but still... more than I thought it should have. I could have been filling too fast, but if so then I would need to fill this thing REALLY slow... I was filling from the dripper bottle, a couple of drips per second.

    It also made me wonder how to connect it to the battery. It doesn't seem like such a leaky part should be screwed directly onto the battery, even though it seems to fit.

    Here's a picture to better illustrate my concerns:

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    First of all that battery that you think is DOA is not, you just need to bring up the center post a teeny tiny bit so it makes a better connection with your clearomizer, you can use a sharp knife or something that will allow you to get under it an wiggle it up. Look directly down the middle of your battery connection and it just looks like a metal disk, that is the top of the post that you have to move up a tad.

    It sounds like you may have gotten a drop or two of e-liquid down the center tube in your cartomizer, this will cause it to leak straight through and out the other end. You need to fill it slowly kind of on an angle so that it absorbs into the filler material, keep rotating it round and round so that you get kind of even amounts of liquid going in. Then when it is full enough it will look like a slushie in there, there should be no pooling of liquid at the top. If you have over filled it and it is leaking just blow through the top and let excess come out the bottom over a tissue, wipe any liquid off the connection and your good to go.
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    HI All
    Sounds like you have poured juice down the centre hole in the cartomiser. Try blowing the excess juice out by blowing from the mouth end of cartomiser onto a tissue. Do this until no more juice can be seen on the tissue.
    Also clean the end of battery that attaches to carto with a cotton bud

    LOL posted at same time as CCC
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    Filling cartomizers takes a bit of patience. You basically need to ensure the outer filler material is completely soaked. At the same time, you want to keep the centre air hole dry. If the centre air hole gets flooded, its not the end of the world you just need to blow it out as stated above.

    Firing the carto without having the thing completely full, can ruin it (you'll burn the inside and it will forever taste burnt)

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    LOL I'd say it was a bit more like a lot of juice went down the center tube than a few drops CCC

    Boges do not like to be filled down the center tube, when filling for the first time , a Boge needs slow drips 3-5 at a time with the carto angled at 45 degrees to avoid juice getting into that tube. 3-5 drops, let it absorb then 3-5drops more, onto the white stuff around the center tube ONLY, do that for around 30 drops worth of juice or until a few drops leak out the bottom.

    When vaping on a Boge, you will want to top it up when it starts to taste dry(flavor become much less), with between 10-15 drops more, then vape away. Always refill with the Boge on a 45 deg angle to avoid juice in the center tube.
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    Thanks for all the info peeps!
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