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Thread: What to tell my friends.

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    What to tell my friends.

    Hi guys! A quick update post and then a question.
    I've been doing really well! Almost 3 weeks on the vape now, have had a cig or two, but after the first week they taste gross and I'm disgusted I ever smoked them, bleugh! Am really proud that I've found a way out of a gross habit! I'd also love to thank all of you guys for such amazing help and advice, couldn't have done it without you. You guys should be so proud of how you help people avoid a dangerous habit and help them improve their lives. Haven't been on the forum much as my computer is a bit stuffed up and it's annoying posting and reading on my phone. When I get it back ill have some questions but at this stage I'm going pretty well, just experimenting so far still.

    Is there a sticky thread or a very basic overview link that I could send my friends so they could read about the basic vaping and equipment? Not really the newbie shopping list, I'm looking for a link so I can send them the very basic info and then they can join the forum, find the shopping list and then order their stuff based on your recs?
    I've been trying to explain vaping to my friends, tons of friends and acquaintances seem so interested, but I feel that I'm doing them a disservice by not being able to make them quickly and easily understand. Maybe there could be a really simple info sticky at the top of the noobs page so then they could get the basics and keep looking through the forums when they feel its right for them?
    I've already got my best friend set up, we pretty much started at the same time and she's loving the really strong menthol I mixed up for her. My housemate looks poised to follow suit. ( he's getting lonely on the porch smoking on his own because he's lost his smoking buddy while we're drinking). Yay!

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    There is a newbie guide being worked on, but I don't think it's at the e-publishing level yet.
    Richo did put on a bit of a seminar for his work mates.. might be worth sending him a PM to ask whether he had prepared a bit of a lecture?
    If not, I think it's a good thing that we could work on, besides the newbie guide.
    How to explain the ins and outs of vaping in a few sentences.
    Would be fun to work on colabratively as a forum.

    At work today, a couple arrived to make an appointment. Fridays we don't normally have patients, so I had my PVs set up in a neat height ranked row (I didn't actually notice I did that - and I've never thought of myself as being OCDish, but nonetheless, they were very neatly lined up). They asked me what my space-age gadgets were, so I explained it to them very simply. They were both very impressed and thought it was a marvellous idea, and both remarked they had never seen anything like it before. I don't think they were smokers.

    It is good to have a bit of a non defensive spiel prepared to explain things to people. I definitely think they went away with a positive first sighting of PVs. Working in the medical field probably adds some legitimacy. LOL

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    I prepared a guide for one of my friends that was apparently a bit too much to take in, but I found most of the australian vendors have a FAQ on vaping, a lot of them are very helpful these are the main ones I grabbed for him to look at

    Where To Start with Electronic Cigarettes | Vaping Cobra Blog

    I found those the easiest to follow, wish I'd have read them all when I was starting. Not sure but they might be helpful.
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    This is a pretty good summary / simple starter kit advice

    Begginners eCig kit and info
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