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Thread: Bought my first mods/whole load of new tanks...any help or suggestions?

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    Bought my first mods/whole load of new tanks...any help or suggestions?

    Noticed that I just made my first post so I might as well greet myself in the Newbies Forum

    Started to get sick of my Stardusts because they were getting a bit ratty. Same with my e-Go batteries.

    And since it's been just over two months since I started vaping again and I was nearly out of Bobas and Gorilla Juice I decided to go a little silly...probably should have waited until I could have afforded it a bit more comfortably but oh well.

    From VapeKing:

    Innokin iClear CE5 Dual Coil Clearomizer - 2.0 Ohm LR - Smoky Black

    Vision MINI Vivi Nova Kit v3 - MULTICOIL - Smoky Black

    Kanger T2 2.4ml Clearomizer - 1.8 Ohm - Black

    Kanger Tabac T3 Bottom Coil Clearomizer - 3ml - 1.8 Ohm LR - Black

    Vision eGo Stardust Clearomizer V3 - Rebuildable! - 1.8 Ohm LR - Black

    VapeOnly 3.5ml Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tank - Black - Smoky Black

    VK Comet 510 XL Clearomizer

    Vision eGo Stardust Clearomizer V3 - Rebuildable! - 1.8 Ohm LR - Purple

    From eCigModShop:

    Super-T Precise Plus 16340 - 2Tone

    Super-T Precise Plus 10440 Satin

    Efest- IMR 10440 V1

    AW IMR16340 3.7v Battery (PAIR)

    Efest Bio multi function battery charger

    From JuiceWhore:

    Del's Ultimate Pipe

    Ginger Beer

    Snowy Mountain Dew

    Choc Devils Donut

    Tart Sour Apple

    10ml Empty Bottle Needle Tip

    Del's Kretek
    Did I do good? This'll be my first mod, the first time I've tried any of the clearos save for the Comet and Stardust, and my first order from JuiceWhore save for the Tobacco sampler pack when I tried to start out last year - can't say those flavours turned me on at all, will be interesting to see how I find these ones...

    Is there anything I should be watching out for with this gear? Does anybody have any mod-friendly tips that might help? I'm a bit worried about not being able to charge them via USB as that made it really easy to charge on the go before...

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    good stuff -

    just 2 things not sure if you bought enough batteries = for the 16340 i would want to have a t least 4 in rotation. If i chain vape with lr gear i would go through 3/4 in a day, if i vape lightly i would use 2. For the 10440 you would need to double that amount of batteries

    also as the connections etc on the precises are rhodesium etc plated dont sand or roughly clean the contacts or you will stuff them - make sure to read the super T care instructions

    as you spent so much on the mods - you should look at blinging out your clearo's as well - you can get clearo SS driptips for the clearo's and some glass tanks are coming soon , or go a SS clearo tank setup.

    oh i dont use clearo's myself but think some of the ones that you bought will need a 510 to ego adapter to work on the precise's

    last tip - beware the addiction to new shinies, once you start it can go out of control and remember no matter how us vapers like our new expensive mods - the general public will probably think the smaller ego's look better lol
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    Yeah. Agree with Mickg33. By having LR stuff you're going to go through those batteries a lot quicker than you think. Plus they may hit you a lot harder than your used to compared to standard clearos and egos (unless you had twists and were cranking them up). Easy to get replacement heads for some of the stuff you've got once the coils get a bit ratty/unusable.



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