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    Kind of new to vaping, need help upgrading

    First off G'day all and thank in advance for any help i can get.

    Ok, i have been vaping for abit now using this eGo FLAGSHIP Complete Twin Set with LCD Screen - electronic cigarette retailer The ecigforlife Team but after getting used to it i have found it does creat the vap smoke amount i would like, So i have started looking into different ecig models like
    mesh wick systems.

    The problem i have atm is im lost ass all hell, with diferent tank types battery types and if i should go with changeable voltage setting or not. Is there a mesh wick tank system that comes in a kit to make like abit easyer ?

    Thanks again


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    There will be plenty of recommendations, but here's mine.

    Try a variable voltage device. It will allow you to dial up and down the voltage (ie. performance) of your device. You can spend anywhere between $40-200 for one of these. The basic ones out of China are generally pretty useful, and most will take a 18650 battery as standard.

    Try some different clearomisers (think EVOD, vivi nova, etc) or a cartomiser/tank system. Mesh in a rebuildable is getting pretty advanced, and may cause you some headaches in setting it up. Concentrate on getting a reliable set up first.

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    There was a mesh wick clearomiser , seen someone runs a coop on these things. I'm not sure how it perform though, however there are few people had it so someone will comment later on

    If you are only concerned about amouny of vapor try couple of different options, you don't really need to worry about mesh wick until you want to get into genesis style atomizer. I found cartomizer is actually good enough, search for boge f16 or smoktech cartomizer and you will find more info

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    Ok, thanks for the quick reply's. i was looking at something like this .. would this give me what i need ?

    VM MadMod Mini (V4.0) Starter Kit - Electronic Cigarettes - VapingMad



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