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Thread: Crash Course for New Vapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by amylixuan View Post
    Hi there,

    I came here from another forum. This seems such a font of knowledge, I'm hoping to learn more and contribute where I can.

    Welcome aboard amylixuan
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    Quote Originally Posted by himynameisbunny View Post
    Note as at Jan 2014 , Please note this guide is an older one , many of the points and links are still very valid , but may have been superceded by newer technologies ... please reference other stickies as well to round out your vaping education
    Because of how the forum is laid out the newest Stickies appear at the bottom of the list .
    I would suggest that for more recent and valid information a New Vaper starts at the bottom and works their way up
    FM (Moderator)

    I wrote this for a friend of mine who is starting on his vaping adventure...thought it might be of some use here.

    This guide is designed to give you a quick kickstart to vaping. This covers most, if not all, of the most important topics in the least amount of time. It should take you just over an hour to get through all of this.

    Each paragraph/point has one or more links that contain what I believe to be the best summary on the topic. Read/watch and understand. It'll make life a lot easier.

    It's always best for somebody to show you first hand how to do all of these things...but just like Uni, you've gotta do the readings before you attend the lectures (not many people do though!)

    So I'm going to start you off with some beginners guides. Read these, and you should be set. The rest will fall into place when you set up your first kit.

    Let's start off by learning what an e-cig is and the basics of operation.

    The next step is a bit longer - you'll want to learn the basics of the first two popular setups - atomizers and cartomizers. Once you've understood that, it will be easy to pick up the basics of how a clearomizer works - this is probably the device that you will be using initially.

    On that note, I highly recommend watching this video - pbusardo is one of the, if not the most helpful person in the world of vaping. He does an extremely good job summarizing what you read above, as well as explaining clearomizers. He also explains more advanced topics, such as rebuildables and power (Resistance, Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage/Power, Amp limitations, Mean vs. RMS settings and measurements). For the most part you will only need to know about variable voltage and resistance - this will be helpful for when you start to use your gear.

    Next - e-Juice. This article does a very good job of summarizing e-liquid ingredients and composition. Additionally, you will want to read more on what PG actually is - there has been a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) about this ingredient due to some uninformed articles about it in the early days. This does a good job of straightening that out.

    To get the best flavour out of you e-juice you're going to want to steep it - which is, allowing freshly made e-liquid to sit and age for anywhere from overnight to several weeks. Steeping often improves the liquid's flavor by allowing the ingredients to fully combine and reach their full potential. This girl explains it nicely. As I don't have anywhere to steep mine (you can smell it, and I don't want to do it where anybody may smell it) I only steep when I can - but it is recommended to do so for a week before vaping, despite what the video says about 24 hours.

    I don't think it matters whether or not you do this before or after, but you'll need to mix your e-liquid with the nicotine. Because of the base mixtures of both the flavourings and the nic, you'll need to figure out the ratios of your flavouring, nic, PG and VG (which has been explained earlier). This is a good guide on how to do so, and here is a calculator that you'll want to use to figure these ratios out.

    As for the nicotine level...starting off with 18mg seems to be the go (out of all of my vaping friends I seem to be the only one that can handle 24mg). I've based this on the general consensus on online communities, as well as these two posts; No, one carto is NOT the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes and Tobacco cigarette vs e-cigarette nicotine dependancy. At the end of the day this is something for you to figure out by yourself though.

    As for how to vape; behold the inhalation technique with an e-cigarette. Self explanatory.

    After a while you may also notice that you will get vapers tongue; that is, you cannot taste your e-liquid. I've kind of got this at the start when I vaped the same flavor for a week or two straight. Chopping and changing is recommended.

    Last but not least - battery safety. The one thing that may go drastically wrong (if at all) is the battery. The three common causes of failure is overcharging/overdepleting and faulty cells. However, bad batteries are not the rule; they are the exception. The batteries you should use need to be genuine, good quality cells so as to reduce the chance of anything like this happening. Buying from Australian vendors, or vendors approved by AussieVapers will generally get you a genuine JoyeTech, Innokin, Vision etc battery.

    With that in mind here is some battery safety tips in relation to your particular type of battery. The user is asking questions but all of the things they have listed are good battery care guidelines. Lipo charging bags are available from Juicewhore for you to charge them in - but it's up to you how much, if at all, you want to manage this risk.

    Should probably put a small disclaimer here in spite of all this considering everybody else does: vaping is a low-risk alternative to smoking and is not universally considered as medically safe (although most unbiased medical journals point to yes). It's your own choice to give this stuff a go, and I, along with plenty of other vapers, know you're headed in the right direction.

    So that's it - a quick crash course to vaping. Read and understand the above and starting to vape should be a easy and fun.
    Thanks very much for this even though I'm late to the party this will be very useful. I have been living in the Stone Age as far as knowing about even the existence of vaping up until a few months ago!

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    There is another good page I have found where this dude has put together a heap of Youtube tutorials and it may be worth a look for a new vaper I found it very useful
    Tutorial Movies. – Devils E-Juice / Huon Valley Vapes


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