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    Is it possible to extract different herbs

    After looking around at different juices it got me thinking has anyone tried adding different herbs to the mix and no I'm not talking about wacky tobaccy I'm talking about herbs like Chamomile,Green tea,Echinacea,Lavender,Clove ect which have different effects like St. John's Wort for helping with depression or Ginseng to give a little energy boost would this work and how would I go about extracting it I have found a site that sells tinctures using vg instead of alcohol
    thinking about giving it a try has anyone else tried it?I'm guessing some of the chemicals in the herbs might not be so good for vaping or loose there special properties at the temps you need to get the vapor from them any info on this would be great .

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    I bought a green tea juice from hangsen - tastes like toilet freshener! I reckon an extract would probs be much nicer. Not too sure about the process though. I know that the wacky tobaccy works as thc is soluble in glycerine, but as for the flavour compounds in the others, i wouldn't know... they're obviously all soluble in water (they're teas!) but i'm not 100% on how that translates into glycerine...

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    I think it's GTAdmin or Stoney, anyway, one of the skirt wearing mods, that steeps tea leaves in V or P G for a coupla weeks and highly recommend the vaped flavour.
    All sorts of herbs and spices can be vaped, you just gotta learn how to make a tincture, crush n steep or use other extraction methods.

    Basil n Tomato in 95% VG and 5% tap water is ummm, refeshing.
    Chilli has significant throat hit.
    Perfumed geraniums come in a truckload of flavours
    lemon grass is lemony but very very different to lemon from lemons
    orange/mandarin/tangerine are all nice but subtle

    All the citruses are oily and clog up the coil/wick quickly

    pennywort, sage and thyme, is exactly what you'd expect and wonder why, just why?



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