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    glad to hear you're going well, found the same with some flavours killing taste buds but found drinking heaps (of water, not alcohol or fizzy crap) helps that heaps and you end up losing weight (round 10kgs in 3 mths, just had to buy a heap of new clothes) and flush loads of shit (literally ;p) out of the system too.
    Suffer from Ulcerative Collitis to and have actually found, even though I cant take the stress out of the equation, that I have less problems than before
    Don't think you'll regret the buy from Johnny I bought the VPPV V2 Woody early this morning after a few late night emails last night.
    keep it up mate

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    Okay major update and an admission.

    The daughter hasnt taken an ego yet but Im almost ready to whisper in his ear.

    On my side now. Last week I started getting rumbly gurgly stomach and started getting very unregular and loose (nicest way I can put it). If you reread my first post one of my big issues with previous quitting times was getting Ulcerative collitis that was absolute hell, which went away when i took up the smokes again 3 years later. The hell was returning, I gave it a few days just to make sure it wasnt just a bug, and then the bleeding started again. As of Saturday Lunchtime I have been having 1 analog every 12 hours, and Im almost regular again, whether i am just not getting enough nicotine, vaping 24mg 4-5 ml a day, or its something else in the smokes, I have no idea.

    I must say though the cigarettes are in no way nice or enjoyable, and I have the ecig to take away any chance of the habit growing back to a pack a day.

    I will have a talk to my doctor next time I get a chance see what he thinks. I will continue vaping at this point but might vary my nic up and down, and try and stretch the analog to 1 a day to see whether it changes anything.

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    I've always said that there would be people in the world who benefit from smoking. It's only logical. In any group of people there are a subgroup that it will kill, a second whom it will not substantially harm and a third that it can aide. The proportions of which can be questioned, clearly the Government and anti smoking people think there is far more in group one than the others. Seems like you are in the later group though?.

    Be nice if the doctors can identify the chemical(s) involved and medicate for it rather than having to continue to smoke and take the negatives that go with that.

    Good luck.




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