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Thread: My very first purchases

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    My very first purchases

    G'day all

    After reading a lot of sites and information, I still have little idea of what I am doing, but I feel I gotta jump in and start otherwise I will never figure it out.

    So after reading Noe's great post on essentials for new vapers, I decided to basically get all that is listed on there.

    I haven't completed the order yet, but I have a few questions before I make my final decisions on what to get.

    1. I currently plan on buying flavoured juices with nic in them, as the whole idea of VG/PG/doublers/etc just gets overwhelming at times. But I plan on getting VG, PG and nic juice to make mixes later on. Do these items have a shelf life on them?

    2. There are a few cartomizers listed as options on his list. I would prefer to get another cartomizer so I can simply swap them at work. I know little about resistance but understand that with the same size battery, the cartomizer with the lower resistance should use less Amps and Watts, therefore increasing battery life. So why would I want to get a cartomiser with a higher resistance for less battery life.

    I am sure I will have plenty more questions in the future, and appreciate all the help you guys can give.
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    1. If you buy all the liquids i recommend in my list, you will have about 3 -4 weeks worth of pre-made juice & about 1-2 months worth of unflavored nic & PG & VG to mix with it. Shelf life is approx 2yrs with these.

    2. Higher res uses LESS battery life than low res but low res will give you a better vape on an eGo type batt. if you are getting 1100mah batts & using LR clearo/cartos then you will get about 8-12hrs out of your batts before needing a recharge.
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    If stored correctly PG, VG and nic will last a long time. Usually away from direct sunlight etc and can be stored in a freezer. try a range of premixed first to work out what you prefer flavour wise (you will be surprised how your tastes change)

    Assuming you are buying ego batteries, too high a resistance will not provide a good vape, yet too low a resistance may reduce your batteries life. Personally, I would look for something around 1.8 - 2.2 ohm resistance for an ego battery. A higher resistance would work better on a device that has variable voltage or variable wattage.
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    Thanks for your help Noe and lheamfrg, will go ahead and order the gear today and hopefully will be starting by the end of the week.
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