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Thread: Random Mango flavoured thoughts on starting down the path

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    Lightbulb Random Mango flavoured thoughts on starting down the path


    I have about 5 pages of thoughts, ideas, expectations and the like on the road to arriving at vaping noob central etc...., but for now, a hello.

    Stories are always better steeped haha....

    First thoughts - you'd be well served to read EVERYTHING before kit arrives.....(and before ordering lol). I think I've got the bases covered with "know's" starter purchase post, slightly deviated, no backup yet. The Ytube vids for starters are sometimes more technically helpful in some cases than text forums where the ideas just go left right and centre, but one can persevere and gain a lot from reading between the lines on the forums.

    Will likely just miss the Perth meet up, dingbats, just like who we vote for on the day.

    Local kit arrived, local pickup, easy, not the overseas starter gear, dang sakes....half cocked no juice with no where to go.

    Still somewhat sceptical, more later.

    Any good Mango flavours out there (winks)?


    Stories to come.....

    ************************************************** **
    The overmedicated state of mind you'll find is overrated....

    Shout out to know, the pair of gruffs and esster.....

    oh and can someone shoot the wagons before they start circling?

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    Gday Mangoschmango! Welcome to AVF! No circling wagons here. We always wait until newbies are feeling relaxed before we pull out the weapons.
    I wish beyond everything else right now that we could point people to one Aussie place where they could get all their stuff, including nicotine, at a reasonable price.
    Bbbbbut we can't, so we will make the best of what we can do.
    Perhaps there's something positive about having to wait and the fact that it's more complicated than it needs to be, and that's that by the time you do get all your stuff, you're a bit more invested in making it work?
    Wish you all the best.. and good luck.. and ask for whatever help you need.
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    VapingMad sell mango trip doubler. I have tried it and it is good.



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