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Thread: how much nic = cigies

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    how much nic = cigies

    hi i am using a 3.5ml vivi/nova at 24mg of nic.what is the equivalant of cigies to this tank
    i/e one tank =10 cigies etc ?
    i just want to know in case i am o/d on nic
    been vaping 8 days used to smoke 20 a day winie reds not even missing them one bit
    any info would be great

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    Hi ozjock... believe me, you will know if you OD on nicotine! Common symptoms are sweaty palms, palpitations, nausea and a headache.
    If you experience these, just take a break for half an hour or so.

    From what I've read, all cigarettes delivery around the same amount of nicotine. They have about 10mg of nicotine in each cigarette, and out of that, about 1mg is absorbed into the body.
    Nicotine from vaping is absorbed differently. Mostly through the mucous membranes, and is believed to absorb at about 1/3rd the rate it is absorbed through smoking tobacco.

    So very roughly, if you smoked 20 x winnie reds per day, you were absorbing about 20mg of nicotine per day. You'd need approximately 60mg of nicotine per day through vaping. At 24mg/mL, that's roughly 2.5mLs of eliquid. If you find you're getting symptoms of too much nic, you can either vape less or drop your mg/mL down in small steps.

    It's great to hear that you're doing so well!!
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    gday, I'd say 24mg is way to high for a 20/day 16mg smoker.. although everyone has different nic to blood intake levels, so it's best to start small and work your way up to find what's best suited to you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noe View Post
    once again i get all the info i require thank a mill greatly appreciated

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    I was gonna say what noe said!!! i was even gonna paste the same link!!!

    i can help too you know...
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