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Thread: Just A Little Help Needed

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    Just A Little Help Needed

    Hi Guys

    Just received my eGo K Battery CE4 Blister packs yesterday and have a question about charging. One charged really good the charger stayed green while charging and the blue light on the battery remained off while charging. The second one the charger was flashing quickly between red & green and the blue light on the battery remained on as well completely opposite from the other one.

    I put the second battery into the good charger, as it didn't charge in the charger that was flashing.

    Now the green light is constantly on as it should be, but the blue light on the battery is also constantly on as well is this charging or should I just buy another battery?

    oh one more thing i don't seem to get very much vapor but it is still nice, the mix is HC 555 75%PG & 25%VG I thought it would be heaps and a big cloud of vapor would come out. Or do I need another type of ecig ? as I said I am a newbie

    Had this in the hardware section but thought I would bring it over here with other newbies like myself.


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    High PG juices taste nice but they don't 'plume' like high VG juices do. My juices are 30pg/70vg and they are pretty damn good in that regard. You could try a cartomizer (LR) with a higher VG juice on your ego-k, you might find it better, or even a pro tank by kanga. But the weak link in your 'chain' re vapour is definately the juice you are using. As far as the charging goes...I'm not sure i have never used an ego charger. :/

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    Sounds like the connection needs adjusting in the "dud" charger, you can pull the center thingy out a smidge with tweezers, or it may have to go down a smidge, or just buy a new one from a local vendor. The light on the charger should blink while charging and the blue light on the batt should stay on, however i did have one that didnt go blue but did charge.
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    Hi Wayno,

    Welcome to the forum and to your new healthier life.

    Firstly let me just start off by saying it has been a while since I used an ego style battery and I have seen a couple of different charger setups. However, I believe when its the red and green flashing the battery is charging and in the light on the battery will be on. When fully charged only the green light will be constant and the light on the battery will go out.

    In respects of the vapour production, yes a lower VG will produce less vapour than a higher VG. However, if your battery isn't charged or has very little power remaining it will produce little vapour.

    The battery if Im not mistaken will have an output 3.3 v which most non variable type ego style batteries are designed for. if the battery has only 3.3v charge left, it might be enough to power the led light on the battery and maybe a little to warm the coil so produce some vapour but not what you would consider adequate.

    If you have a multi-metre handy just place the Black lead on the threading near the button and press the button whilst the red lead touch the inside of the terminal (the flat disc section on the battery where you screw your clearomiser on)
    Test the output of your battery. If its fully charged it will read somewhere between 4.1 to 4.3 volts. If not charged it will be around the 3.3 to 3.5 volts.

    Good luck.
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    by increasing the vg you'll get more clouds. you'll also possibly mute the flavour and reduce the throat hit, although nic is supposed to be most important when it comes to throat hit.

    I'd try getting a better battery (maybe an ego twist? runs between 3.2v - 4.8v, has a twisty thing at the bottom to control that...has two modes which if you hold the button for two long it'll switch between, when it starts flashing...regulated mode is 3.7v only, unregulated is the 3.2-4.8v which you choose by twisting stuff). By getting a better battery you can turn up the power which may be enough to provide you the clouds you're looking for. If it isn't then you can add more vg to your juice.

    I'd do that try a more power first?, then 50/50 ratio, then possibly a 30/70 ratio.

    My ratio is 70pg/30vg and there are plenty of clouds. Everyone is different...maybe you want bigger clouds...i'd still try a better battery and more power before changing the mix too much otherwise you may find you lose some flavour or throat hit.
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    When charging my egos, the red light on the charger stays red while charging, and turns green when the battery is fully charged, (never had a flashing one). When the battery is first placed on the charger, the light blinks 5 times, and then stays on until the battery is fully charged then it goes out.

    Remember when you put an ego on to charge, it turns the battery on, so when it is finished charging click the button five times and that will turn the battery off until you are ready to use it. When you want to use it, click it 5 times quickly and that will turn it on.

    Before I use my clearos for the first time, I give them a rinse out with warm water, let them dry out, and give them a couple of quick pulses with the battery, before I put any juice in. This seems to give a better flavour for the juice, (no chemical taste), and the wicks seem to pick up the juice quicker.

    I also changed my ratio of pg/vg, as pg was giving me a bit of a sore throat. I now go for a mix of 80% vg, and 20% pg, and get an extra flavour shot put into my doubler, or pre-mixed juice, to increase the flavour that I lose from not using so much pg.

    The ego twists are also great and for most flavours I run it at about 3.8 .
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    If it was flashing between red and green it may not have been connected tho the charger properly coz it's green when the charger it's connected to power, then goes red when connected to the battery to be charged and then goes back to green once charged. I have the same battery but it's a passthrough, much easier to charge, lol. But my other is an ego t and they charge the same way with the same charger as the k. I've used pg/vg mixes from 20/30 top 50/50 and get good clouds from them all, I can't do long inhaled so I do a couple in a row and get enough on exhale. so if your not getting enough it may just be the battery hasn't charged enough coz as they get low you get allot less clouds on exhale if any at all. A better battery will give you bigger clouds by the sounds of it but you should get good ones with your batteries too.



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