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Thread: Totally New to Vapor

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    Totally New to Vapor

    Hello all,

    Recently I have just traveled the world and in my travels came across a few people now that have been using 'e-cigs' as a replacement for the traditional tobacco product that they proclaimed some success and, being a smoker myself, thought that i would look into it as a nicotine replacement therapy.

    For some background, I am mid 30's, smoke about 20-25 per day (8mg). Doctor said I was heavily chemically addicted and have tried all the other replacement therapies; Patch, Gum and Champix with little to no success.

    I have gone through a lot of articles and FAQ's on this site (along with threads), and too be honest, am probably less clear about the correct product to which invest in than i was before... In my ignorance thought it was just a matter of finding one in a shop and then going for broke.

    I found the 'Guide to Vaping' a good read.. However it seems to be missing the section 'Beginners Shopping List ' (not sure if that was intentionally left blank or not.

    Anyways, as you can tell, I have a few questions which I hope some of you can point me in the right direction. Sorry, no doubt these ave probably been asked only a 1000 times before, but after reading all the doco and threads, I only found myself me confused than before.

    Firstly, a starters type kit? What should I look for? Is there a kit some people can recommend? From what I have read 'E-Go' is a good brand, or a good place to start - but then there seems to be the multitude of 'mods' one can get... I 'think' I want one with a variable voltage so I can dial up the strength?

    2. The nicotine - From what i understand, people on this site tend to mix their own? - Are there 'pre-made' tanks you can buy (is that the clearomizer?)? Whilst I probably wont have an issue doing myself later, I would just like some confidence using the product first. Also, I have read a few threads about 'bad batches' of nicotine. Is there a better brand or supplier?

    3. The Juice - From reading, this is the 'flavor' one can add to the e-cig, and then you can put nicotine into that? again, like above, is there a better brand or supplier that has these juices/flavours with the nicotine already in it? (I understand that you cant buy Nicotine locally due to laws) - I guess my concern here is that there really is no regulation of the market and I would like to actually get what I payed for - The irony is not lost on me by ingesting a bucket load of crap while I smoke now. I guess its kinda like the assurance of the BA Tobacco 'Vype' product. Whilst as with anything, there is no guarantee, at least with a larger company, they have their brand name to protect (if that at all makes sense to anyone)

    Look forward to any help or tips or knowledge they can impart on me.

    Many thanks

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    Welcome to the forum. I dont do welcomes as well as the meet and greet brigade. (Read Margy)

    Anyway this might be a good place to look.

    Noes List !
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    Hi TBB. Welcome to the forum. As Robray suggested Noe's list is the place to start for absolute beginners, but don't be afraid to ask more questions. There's no such thing as a dumb question when you're starting out.

    You can buy ready mixed nicotine-liquid from overseas so you don't need to DIY, unless you want to. You should easily be up and running with some good gear and juice within the next week or two.

    Enjoy the ride. Vaping is fab. I like it heaps better than smoking.
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    hi and welcome bobby. it is all very bewildering to start off with, but keep reading and hanging out here, and you'll learn all you need to know. you will get lots of suggestions and everyone has their favourite. vaping is a very individual thing and you will find a lot of conflicting information on what is "best". the thing is to get a starter kit from somewhere and start vaping. you will work out what is best for you as you go along. good luck on your journey
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    Hey BigBobby, good decision to come here looking vaping advice!

    Best thing you can do right now is grab a starter kit and some nic juice. If you're gonna go ahead and give vaping a try, order a few bottles of nicotine from an overseas vendor. Doesn't cost much, and can come pretty quickly depending on where you order it.

    If you have a look in the subforum list, you'll see Australian Vendor subforums and International Vendor subforums. These are all established vendors well-known to most members here, and I think you'll be as safe ordering from them as you'd be anywhere, and they're usually more than willing to answer questions about their products and generally won't steer you wrong. You can read reviews on their products and services in the subforums. Most of the Aussie ones sell various types of starter kits, its all a matter of preference, no right or wrong. Just make sure the kit comes with spare stuff, youd need at least 2 batteries, preferably 3. Mods probably aren't a high priority unless you really want to splash out, normal ego type batteries such as twists would be just as good to get you into your groove and start working out what setups you like.

    Have a poke around, look at the various vendor websites and see what takes your fancy, and ask as many questions as you need, you'll find tons of people here to offer advice!

    Where are you from mate?
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    Welcome TBB.

    As Rob said, have a look at my list , which he linked for you. If any of the links in the list aren't working or if it is sold out etc, feel free to send me a PM & I'll see what will replace the item for you.
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    go here----> eCig | Electronic Cigarettes | e-Cig Accessories | eJuice Australia get this------> Ultimate eCigarette Starter Kit then go here-------> Heaven Gifts Electronic Cigarettes eCigarettes eLiquids eJuices - E-juices e-liquids ,or, go to ------> Noes List ! have fun learning all about vaping(just watch the mod addiction)

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    welcome mate.

    This is going to be fun and games and requires a little perseverance. A lot of people get it right first go and they're off...still others (like myself) go on a bit of a roller coaster ride, starting with starter kits, not getting QUITE what they're after, mixing and matching and trialing new methods and mixes, realise DIY is NOT as easy as it sounds (but is STILL not that hard if you do the required reading/youtubing first).

    I bloody upgraded when a few people told me i wouldn't get what i wanted from it....found out they were right....but then soon after found a really good way to get exactly what i wanted (incidentally if you're after throat hit, koolada works great, AND it works really well in dessert flavours, surprisingly...There are throat hit enhancers....and pure grain alcohol...which are also supposed to work well...i'm tossing up which one to choose and experiment with should be a no brainer ay? alcohol wins every time)

    Throat hit is the feeling you get at the back of your throat when you smoke a ciggy, or vape your Personal Vapouriser. It's not important to most people...who are more after a nice flavour and the nicotine (nic), but other people find it crucial....i need mah throat hit (TH)

    I advocate buying some premixed juices first off and deciding whether you feel comfortable mixing yourself. Get yourself at LEAST 1 months worth of premixed juices (premixed juices - liquid nicotine laden deliciousness, 1 month cos by the time you figure ur head from your a$$ you'll wanna be ready to order your nicotine again and you'll need at least a 2 week supply to tide you over till vape mail arrives) from overseas. 1 months supply will be approximately 4 x 30ml bottles (3-4mls of ejuice per day, varies amongst users). this is a guide which will help you figure out what strength to vape:

    Noe's Newbie guide to nicotine juice consumption & strength.

    there are two ways to DIY mix...Out of budgeting and pure frustration concerns....can i please suggest you try buying premixed nicotine juices and then doublers (double strength juice which you add nicotine to at your desired strength) which you can buy here in australia....remembering you'll need to have some nicotine to dilute your doubler with by half (i.e. 15mls of 36mg nicotine, in a 15ml you 30mls of 18mg nicotine juice...not as high in nicotine as it sounds).

    Yeah the other way to DIY is to mix with concentrates. It is not as easy as it sounds....out of 10 mixes i've made, 1 has come out really good....the other 9 were GOD AWFUL....the thing to remember is simple is best....and that you're mixing CHEMICALS not IS a little like cooking...but imagine cooking with stuff you've never tried before, that smells like one thing...and tastes like another...especially when mixed with yet another flavour...get's messy.

    If you ever need help mixing come and ask. This is an awesome mixing calculator Filbert's Vaping Toolkit makes life a TON easier when DIY mixing.

    Anyway sorry for the essay. Have a great one. Google, You Tube and we are your friends mate. I really hope you get off the stinkies cos once you get your setup right you will NEVER look back. Ciggy's taste like SH!T...
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    I don't need squat for ages, i just went shopping.
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    Congratulations ThebigBobby,
    I know you have some questions,
    Vaping can be a scary place when your first starting I understand.
    But truly you are in the right place my friend.
    All you need is the right guidance.
    Personally, I would recommend starting on a "ego" style battery, Along with a stardust or ce4 some vendors call it.
    Cheap and very effective good luck.
    We all love you
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    Samtron's comments are correct, as well as Noe's list, if you want to keep it simple, PHUCKDUP2's suggestions are just as good, you have now started, things are going to get better the more you move along,,,,
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