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Thread: A very initial experience as a total beginner / smoker moving onto vaping

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    A very initial experience as a total beginner / smoker moving onto vaping

    Hey all,

    Just weighing in as a newb who has not had significant time vaping yet and is wanting to quit smoking by replacing/replicating smoking via vaping.

    I've made one post on this board already after some initial research/reading. As a beginner I wanted to replace smoking with something tightly coupled to the analogue smoking experience. As such I have placed an order for an 808D 'Volt' starter pack and this post is totally based around my very initial experiences while waiting for the kit to arrive from the states via mail. Not being one who easily copes with waiting, I have already started vaping by using one of the Cigalike alternatives that can be found in most asian run tobacconists in Australia.

    This analysis/review is based around where I think *most* (non-internet-research savvy) new vapers will end up starting without research, and may provide some insight into how one's first vaping experience may go.

    Currently smoking 30-40 analogues a day (8mg Marlboro Gold)
    Found this board knowing I needed to quit. Have tried various methods including patches, gum etc. with no success.
    Found out about e cigs while observing a colleague vaping in a restaurant on a tobacco bought VP as described below.
    Researched all the mods but still want an analogue replacement to begin with as a newb
    Have ordered the 'Volt' starter pack from Smokeless Image
    Couldn't wait for that to arrive - So started vaping on an E-Health Cigarette... and here's my review

    E-Health Cigarette.

    Came with 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, a USB charger, cable and car charging cable. Also included 10 pack of cartridges (High Nicotine Rated)... yes bought here in Melbourne, go figure.

    Initial Thoughts:


    Wow factor - Can suck a plastic smoke and produce plumes
    Replaces habit of cig to mouth very nicely (so much so that I haven't smoked an analogue in 3 hours whilst drinking, whereas I would have probably done half a pack by now)
    Quite a nice flavour, "tobacco flavour" but very sweet - seems to be more vanilla flavoured
    If sucked hard can produce an authentic amount of smoke plumes when compared to an analogue
    Throat hit is reminiscent of first analogue cigi - hurts a bit and makes you cough
    No need to ash, not messy, no need to stub out, could do it inside (tonight's pretty cold in Melbourne!)
    No bad smells


    Flavour is too sweet (after a few hours, it tastes like a bad night as a child at the Pizza Hut desert bar)
    Very quickly after the initial hit, the throat hit weakened in subsequent drags considerably. Plumes diminished, overall experience felt muted and called for an Analogue
    Lacks the initial 'punch' that a brand new cigarette delivers ( as far as heat/nic delivery, satisfaction)
    Went through 5 cartomisers in 3 hours (considering they were rated 'high' nicotine, didn't feel at all like the nicotine hit from smoking the real thing)
    Not a hot/warm vape, more of a neutral temperature
    Enjoyed the vaping experience but was left wanting an analogue to 'top' the experience off with something real.

    Overall experience:

    I must say, my first eCig experience (albeit using a shitty setup which was purchased from a retail smoke shop) was pretty cool. I'd say it was 70% authentic when compared with normal cigarette smoking. All the habits are catered for (hand-to-mouth, blowing out plumes etc.). The taste is actually nicer. Albeit it gets old quite fast.

    The biggest let-downs was that the vapes turned to shit so quickly after the initial fresh-charge hit. Throat hit was awesome on the first two drags and then disappeared. The flavour got too sweet too fast (sickly). The heat wasn't anything like a normal cig and the satisfaction was just not there.

    I have a "Volt" 808D-1 kit arriving soon which I'm really hoping will improve upon my initial e-cig experience. Until then am totally keen to hear your recomendations and stories about how you found the right combo to replace/quit the nasty analogues

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    The volt may be a bit better id say about 20% better. But once you get experienced and move onto bigger and better things you will much prefer vaping to smoking. Any of the small ecigs will have shit batteries and wont last long. You will never get the same taste from vaping as smoking. You will get better, as you move on you will realise that cigarettes taste like shit.

    If you dont care about size id get a variable voltage mod with a cartomizer tank or a protank with a big battery, after you are not satisfied with your volt, which most likely you will not be.
    The Vamo is a pretty decent cheap option and will give you an excellent vape just as good as the more expensive stuff. But if your prepared to spend a few hundred bucks you could get a quality kit that will last you years to come.

    To get a hot vape i think you will need to move to more higher power mods and the right atomizers. I find rebuilable atomizers and most experienced vapers would also the most satisfying. But can be daunting to newbs.

    As for being to sweet, it al depends what liquid is used however nothing will be as dry as a smoke. Most juices are pretty sweet but some are a lot better than others comes down to taste.
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    Hi Dogamonda

    Take delight it can only get better from here on. I started pretty much the same as you. I bought the starter cig-alike kit, saw the potential, hit Google and three and a bit years on still here. Good luck and you will soon find your sweet spot.
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    I'm only a bit more than a week into my vaping so I'm no expert.
    I'm managing to get by with an 650mah EVOD Battery and a 1.8ohm 2ml "V.Pure Clearomiser" from Vision.
    this kit here: Ecig-SA Choice Pack - 650mah - Steel Batteries -
    There's plenty of manufacturers and shops selling stuff like that.

    I'm using 18mg/ml nic juice. Sounds like you're a heavier smoker than me though so you may want to try 24mg/ml if you're not getting the nic you need.
    I'm getting great vapes and throat hit from this device. And it's consistent until the battery gets weak, cause the clearomiser holds heaps of juice. (And it's refillable)

    Getting some of your own juice and a refillable vaporiser should improve your experience a bit. The Volt setup you've got coming should alleviate most of your dissatisfaction.

    I'm still having cravings to go outside and have a smoke... For example: At work, but my sense of smell is coming back and when I get outside and have a vape I can smell other people smoking and it puts me off.
    It still takes willpower to stick to the vapes. But it's getting easier to forget cigarettes.

    I also bought some more juice so I have a few flavours now and that's helping me "mix it up".
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    A variable wattage (vw)/Voriable Voltage (vv) and a cartotank combo should produce some warm vape closer to what you expect from a real cig. There are some cheaper option for vv/vw devices such as Vamo, iTaste etc. You will need to buy some good Lithium rechargeable batteries and charger for these devices. Recommended battery are IMR or Hybrid. Most of vv/vw device uses 18650 or 18500/18490 or 18350 and most of local vendors carry them. If you don't mind waiting, Fasttech can be a good option to save some bucks.

    Vamo: A PBusardo Review - The Vamo - YouTube
    iTaste vv/vw: Innokin iTaste VV/VW version 3.0 Review - YouTube

    If you don't like to buy battery and charger separately. There are devices that have battery built-in.

    A cheap cartotank (F16/F17) will cost you as little as $5 to start with. A cheap glass tank can cost around just USD7. You do need to replace cartomiser (the metal tube inside that tank) every given time. A cartomiser last me for around 10 days but last for 3 weeks for my work mates. It all depends on your usage as they are consumables. Boge cartomiser will cost you around $7 for a pack of 5 and most of local vendors carry them as well.

    Here is some Youtube for your reference on cartotank:
    A PBusardo Review : Boge 510 LR Carto Vs. Smok Tech 510 LR Dual Coil Mega Carto - YouTube
    How To Prime A Cartomizer - YouTube
    How to prime and fill a DCT (dual coil Cartomizer tank) - YouTube

    If you happen to like to cartotank after your first try, you can get more decent tank like IBTanked OSD tank. They are not as expensive as many other good tank out there. I think the cost of OSD tank is around USD32 including postage. Shipping takes about 8 business days from States.

    As for juice I've found Dekang tobacco range is good to cater for cig craving. because it's harshness is pretty close to a real cig and it help you to go for a vape rather than lighting up a cig. After couple of months you may find Dekang juice isn't as good as you thought after your taste buds are working. You can probably move on to some fine juice. There are lots of good local doublers. Only the downside is you need to research a bit + mix them your own. If you don't want to do that, you can get some either from Indigo or The Plume Room and they do accept discount codes. However I would recommend to support local vendors if mixing isn't too much trouble and is something that you look for doing.

    Keep on vaping and you know you are doing great without smoking.
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    dogamondo you have realised what many here did when they first started.

    Vaping can not replicate the smoking experience fully. But I think with a lot more research into vaping, it may be discovered that vaping trains your brain into accepting the delivery of nicotine via an alternative method. Anecdotal evidence from vapers suggests that the longer they vape, the more adverse to cigarettes, and cigarette smoke, they become. As well as the reliance of having that cigarette for that set time span and with certain triggers (with the coffee in the morning, after dinner etc)

    I don't think it is enough to simply use a battery powered cigarette in the instances you normally would smoke, as vaping simply doesn't work like that. Brain chemistry has a lot to do with it.

    Although it is a great way to start off, and introduce yourself to vaping.

    Good luck with it all, and keep us updated here with your progress. say the flavour got old real quick? How did the taste of all those smokes you smoked not get old? The flavour thing is all part of the brain chemistry thing as well...and luckily for us there are lots of flavours to choose from and alternate between.
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    i used to smoke marlboro gold's found marlboro juice from fasttech, will report back on how it works out if it ever arrives. currently rockin cherry cigar juice, have to say it is pretty satisfying. do a lot more reading and YouTube watching, you learn so much plus the folks here are so helpful.

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    good luck and welcome.

    hang in there, there are interesting times ahead, but if you hang in there and come to us for support, you'll end up preferring vaping to smoking as most of us do.

    anyway good on you for starting.

    I don't need squat for ages, i just went shopping.
    $1800.61 Spent on Vaping so far, stocked up for 2 years @ 8ml/per day.

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    Hey and welcome! Sounds like vaping will work well for you when you get a bit of decent equipment! I started with the e-health ones too, it was the battery life that got to me, seemed I was lucky to get half an hour out of it! As the others have said, getting a Vamo, for example would be a good start, with a couple of decent rechargeable batteries to put in it, and that setup would run just about any atomiser or cartomiser you put on it.
    There's plenty of good Aussie vendors who can provide you with a complete starter kit with everything you need except nicotine, which of course you need to order from o/s. Have a look at the Vendor subforums.

    If you're in Melbourne, maybe you could go along to one of their vape meets, see the array of stuff that's available?

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