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Thread: Vapeking eliqids

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    Vapeking eliqids

    Hi, i know this sounds kind of stupid but i'm new to vaping and i thought i would try the fruit sampler pack from vapeking. I was just curious if it was pre mixed and ready to vape or if i have to mix PG/VG into the e liquids.

    Sorry if this was a stupid post, just kinda confused reading all the mixing threads.

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    There's no such thing as a stupid question on avf.
    The juices in the sample packs are doublers and need to be mixed 1-1 with pg/vg and nic , if u want nicotine in ur juices that is, otherwise just pg/vg
    When selecting vapekings juices individually there are 3 choices:
    Single shot- ready to vape with no nicotine
    Double shot- needs to b mixed with pg/vg/nic 1-1
    Triple shot- needs to b mixed with pg/vg/nic 1-2
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    thanks for the fast reply! I'll keep that in mind when buying them, was just unsure if they were pre mix' or concentrates! Thanks so much again
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    i love the vapeking fruits. mainly passion fruit, apricot and peach. i do find they are too strong for me tho, when mixed as they should be. i mix the doublers at more like 1:4 rather than 1:1. just something to keep in mind when you try them. if you don't like them mixed as directed, try diluting them further. i thought i needed to mix them stronger, cos i really couldn't taste anything. i found quite by accident that if i mixed them weaker, the flavours came thru. maybe the strength of the flavours was numbing my wakening taste buds or something. but now i've found a way i like them mixed, i don't vape anything else.

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    i disagree.

    i think there are stupid questions.

    not the ones about vaping....

    but for example if i said "does anyone else find the idea of a pink elephant in short shorts oddly appealing?" i would expect that this would be labelled a stupid question you know?

    another stupid question might be "does anyone else think that a pink elephant in short shorts is hot?"

    you get my drift....

    maybe sharing my elephant fetish was entirely inappropriate...but i got caught out with that one i thought i'd share making sure no one else made the same mistake i did. Apparently beastiality is frowned upon....who'd have guessed?
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    I don't need squat for ages, i just went shopping.
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