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Thread: Nicotine ... All new members please read !

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    Nicotine ... All new members please read !


    Some members have chosen to adapt the ingredients commonly found in e-smoking liquid and make their own varieties.

    The handling of high-strength base liquids, and especially pure nicotine, and the chemicals needed to create e-liquid should be done only by those qualified to work with dangerous materials.

    Any information contained within this forum is acted on at the user's own risk.

    AVF cannot be held responsible for individuals causing injury or even death to themselves or others by following the information contained in this forum.

    Anyone considering doing so must bear in mind the following:

    Nicotine is an extremely toxic substance - more so than arsenic, milligram for milligram. Its extraction, storage and use in e-liquid pose a significant risk to the user and anyone who might come into contact with it in concentrations higher than ready to vape forms.

    Never allow concentrated nicotine to touch your skin or allow it to build up in the atmosphere. Always wear suitable protective clothing and keep workspaces well ventilated.

    Extreme caution must always be applied in the handling of nicotine, especially where children are concerned - small amounts of e-liquid that might make a long-term smoker feel sick will likely kill a child.

    All items contaminated by nicotine extraction or e-liquid mixing must be cleaned or disposed of accordingly. Treat it as toxic waste - do not allow it to pollute the environment or remain unattended or unsecured at any time. Contact your local authority to find what provisions there are for hazardous waste disposal before you attempt any e-liquid production.

    E-liquid and all substances used in its production must be stored securely away from children and pets and in child-proof bottles.
    Appropriate care must be taken to safeguard against fire-hazards. Many ingredients in e-liquid are highly flammable, as are many substances used in the extraction/dilution of nicotine.

    Even following these guidelines cannot guarantee your safety.

    If you do not have experience in handling dangerous chemicals you should not attempt to do any DIY liquid manufacture. Buy your e-liquid supplies instead from one of the many manufacturers that already exist.

    Again, AVF cannot be held responsible for injury or death caused by following any of the information found on the boards.

    *Stolen from ECF and I am sure they will not mind that we have adapted it , in the interests of vaping safety worldwide
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    Please be aware that nicotine is classified under several Schedules in the Poisons Act in this country. It is illegal to sell or supply without a license in Australia and as such has to be sourced overseas.

    This forum DOES NOT RECOMMEND PURE NICOTINE at a concentration of 99%. This is NOT THE SAME as 100mg nicotine solution; it is many, many times more dangerous. DO NOT ORDER IT or speak about ordering it, or speak about using it, on this forum. Mishandling of 99% or 100% nicotine can lead to serious consequences, including death. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM ANY WEBSITE selling nicotine in PURE form. 'Pure' does not mean better, pure nicotine is 999.9mg/ml. The highest recommended strength is 100mg/ml. Pure Nicotine is also dangerous to postal workers, and others who come in contact with it while in transit, due to the chance of damage and spillage of the product. Nicotine is easily and quickly absorbed through the skin, poisoning can occur this way as well as through ingestion or inhalation.

    When working with nicotine it is important to have a good knowledge of the potential danger and correct safety practices. Please proceed with caution;

    -Wear gloves, or clean spills off your skin immediately.
    -Take extreme care to avoid splashing in your eyes.
    -Don’t mix or handle nicotine liquids around children.
    -Store all nicotine liquids in a secure, safe place.
    -Make absolutely sure your calculations are correct when mixing doublers with high strength nicotine liquid.

    Please do some thorough research about safe handling practices, the consequences of spillages, incorrect nicotine mixing, and the symptoms of over dosing on nicotine BEFORE you purchase it.

    Be aware that it only takes a very tiny amount of liquid nicotine to kill a child or a pet.

    Nicotine for use by vapers can be referred to as Unflavoured Nicotine Base, Nicotine Liquid or Nicotine Juice (but not PURE nicotine).

    Nicotine in liquid form for mixing or DIY comes in a variety of strengths, the usual and recommended ones are:
    -36mg/ml = 3.6%
    -48mg/ml = 4.8%
    -100mg/ml = 10%

    mg/ml means: milligrams per millilitre

    PURE NICOTINE = 999mg/ml which is 99.9% = DANGEROUS

    Pure Nicotine is 10 TIMES STRONGER than the highest strength recommended here for mixing. Which means it is 10 times more dangerous.
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