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Thread: C.O.P.D and vaping

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    Smile C.O.P.D and vaping

    Hi All I am still very new to vaping and am on a sharp learning curve , and i appreciate the help given here .I was diagnosed with COPD 3 years ago after a bout of Pneumonia . I have been a heavy smoker for quite a few years . i gave up for 3 months after i left hospital , but i started again as the urge to smoke was dominating me .
    With COPD I was coughing constantly and had to clear the mucus out all the time . sleeping was bad as i would have to get up every hour to clear my chest , so i was sleep deprived .the medication they prescribed made me worse , so i got off that.
    so at the age of 63 i had resigned my self to a deteriorating lung condition . that is until i discovered Vaping .
    After 3 days of Vaping My chest cleared I could sleep all night "Yea" i am on a nic mix so my craving for Stinkies is tolerable ( No longer smoke ) . i told my doc and showed him my E Pipe ( My first vaping device ) and he was impressed and approved . and said stick with it . i now have a SID which is much better than the Pipe . so i hope I can stick with it , and continue to clear my lungs of tar etc .
    has anyone else had a similar experience ?
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    Hi Tez 123 thats great news that your off the ciggies have a look at this thread Comments on COPD , emphysema, asthma or breathing problems you will find you are not alone and if you need any support just holla and someone (most likey many of us someones) will be there to help and support if you ever need it
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    Not so serious but similar, my lungs are fine as I never inhaled altho' smoked 16's for 50 yrs, but I had a chronic wheeze which kept me sleepless thru' having to constantly clear my throat...... all gone now since not smoking..... sleep like a baby now ( ..and No! I don't cry all night..LOL!)
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    Hi Tez,
    I was in the same boat as you almost to the letter, Like you when I had pneumonia and being hospitalised I was able to quit for about two months, however, back-slid and took up the filthy habit again brought about I think by varying stress levels. I have been now for 5 days and have no urge whatsoever for a normal cigarette. Admittedly I made my own nicotine juice as I was totally peeved at not being able to buy it in Oz.

    The Juice was simple to make, all I did was boil up my old rollie tobacco about 5g that I had left simmer it for 5 minutes and allow to cool. Then I strained it through muslin and mixed the residual tobacco syrup equal parts with VG Glycerine which I finally found in a health shop. My cartridge only takes about .75ml and I use a 3ml syringe and a veterinarian needle to fill it. 5g of tobbaco boiled up in the fashion described, has produced enough juice concentrate to last me I would estimate 2-3 months. I tested the mixture in a close closed environment and there is no tobacco smell whatsoever.

    Have a Happy Smoke Free New Year


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    I love the stories where health improves almost instantly. It did for me as well
    Sixth Vape Year and Four Years Sans Durry.



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