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Thread: Hi my adventures to date.

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    Smile Hi my adventures to date.

    Hi everyone been reading these and ECF forums for 3 months decided to register and recount my experiences with vaping.

    First off i was a pack of 25 a day smoker for 37 years tried numerous times to quit, tried cold turkey patchs lozenges and gum none worked.

    Vision twist and a Spinner with kanger T3S were my first foray into the ecigs with some soulblu nz 24mg juice while it did get me off the yukkies
    i wanted more

    Next off the rank was an MVP v2 with the iclear 30 and some MBV juice (Hawk Sauce primarily) which i really liked still use the MVP.

    Next i wanted the ability to pump in more than 11 watts that the MVP limited you to and get into rebuildables so bought a VTR with the iclear 30s
    and an igo L 3 AW IMR batteries and an i4 nitecore charger 28ga and 30ga kanthal and a big bag of cotton balls with the batteries and charger i could
    now get into mechs. (have a multimeter)

    Finally last purchase brass Nem clone and an RSST i use this most of the time 28ga .9 ohm cotton wick as auto dripper tried the mesh and silica, cotton does
    seem to produce more flavour and vapour for me.

    I have tried most of the MBV juices that people have recommended about 20 all up.
    But i would only recommend 2 of them Hawk Sauce and Shenanigans 2 extra shots and MBV's fedex shipping option 5 days to my door, i do have some nicoticket on the way
    Frenilla CLS Creme Brulee and Grandmas Danish but they are coming via horse drawn carriage (USPS) 14 days at the moment and counting, it is xmas thou.

    Bottom line im off the ciggies into my 4th month saving myself $120 a week not to mention my life and enjoying the nicotine hit my taste and smell returning
    and have 6 more smokers from work on the personal vapourisers and one of my workmates has turned into a mad chemist with the DIY juices he is right into
    the calculators and concentrates.
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    Well done Lefty, and Welcome

    Gaffer Tape is like The Force - it has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together

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    And congrats on your new healthier life mate, 4 months off the stinkies deserves a pat on the back.

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    Congrats lefty and welcome to AVF
    Cigarette Addiction: 12 years Quit Smoking: 22.11.2011 Started Vaping: 22.11.2011
    ProVari V2, SmokTech 1.5 ohm dc carto, OCD Tank at 4.3 volts
    Vaping and Loving it



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