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Thread: Coil Advice Needed (noobie alert)

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    Question Coil Advice Needed (noobie alert)

    First and foremost, I am Pretty New to RBA's / Dripping in general
    But i do use an ohm checker, always apply ohms law and Only use what is safe for my batterys (currently using a 30A Battery)

    Now to the super noob question

    Difference between Microcoil/Nano Coil/Micronano Coil etc.
    Regular i assume is when the wires aren't touching. nano is when the wires are touching and micronano is when the wires are touching but too small to push cotton through?
    advantages of smaller wraps vs large wraps? larger drill bit etc.

    Is cotton the only real wick when using These pushed together coils?
    Is it possible to use these pushed together coils with wick?
    The higher the gauge wire the more resistance correct? so 32 5wrap will be higher ohms than 28 5wrap?

    Main question - will more wraps increase the resistance? example 32 5wrap will be lower than 32 10wrap
    and if so how do people get 1ohm with 10 wraps of wire? is it because they are pushed together?

    Also when duel coiling is it 2 1ohm coils will be .5 ohm? so 2x 2ohm coils will be 1ohm?
    thanks HEAPS for reading!

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    Here is a link to an awesome spreadsheet on ohms vs wraps vs gauge by someone over on ECF.. I found it to be particularly useful.

    I am not sure about nano and nano micro coils, I just make Micro coils, usually 5 or 6 wraps of 30awg kanthal gives me a really nice coil. I wrap mine around a drill bit or screwdriver and push the cotton through the centre and wrap it around the posts and poke back through under the coil. You are right the more wraps you get the higher the resistance will go. its all very subjective and down to personal preference how you make your coils provided you follow the basics and ensure you don't have hotspots, the coil heats evenly from the inside to outside then you should be right!
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    Micro, nano etc is relating to the diameter of the coil. From memory micro is around 1.5 down to 1mm, nano is 1mm and down I believe. Subject to correction on that.

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    More wire = more ohms, so more wraps of the same size dia. = more ohms

    With dual coils if you have 2 separate coils the resistance is halved but if you have 2 coils & only 1 piece of wire, the resistance remains the same. Ie. you need 4 points of contact to halve the resistance, if you only have 2 points of contact, the resistance will be what ever is in the length of wire.
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